It's a Tudor Triumph as Year 5 take us back in time...

The stage stars of Primary showed off their acting chops in a brilliant performance about the Tudors, encompassing song, dance and six very convincing wives!

Year 5 students have been learning about the Tudor way of life - the good, the bad and the beheadings - this summer term and it has proved to be a very popular topic. We spoke to the performers after a triumphant show...

Hana told us her feelings about the production, and her funniest lines!

'I enjoyed the performance very much, we rehearsed so much and it was so fun to put on this performance.

I was Anne Boleyn and my best lines were: 'I wasn’t surprised he fell for me, men did find me very attractive! We were married straight after the divorce and I knew I had to give him a son. But all I managed was another daughter, your new Queen, Elizabeth.  

But then it all went wrong. Henry accused me of encouraging other men to admire me – but it wasn’t my fault I was so attractive.He was so angry he had me beheaded – not a nice experience I can assure you!'

Emilia spoke of her admiration for the staff who put on the show: 'Miss Capon came and picked out characters and we had to learn our lines and perform them. She is a great director and a great teacher. She put so much effort into it, Mr Jenner, Mr Maloney, Miss Witter and Miss Charles, they were all amazing.'

It seems that the entire Tudor topic went down a storm with all the children:

Grace: ' I liked learning about their clothes and what they ate, the punishments they had and all that stuff. One of the punishments was exile when you had to leave the country or town and you weren’t allowed back. The other ones were for witchery and believing in things like that. I found everything interesting and enjoyed it all!'

Zahra M a.k.a Catherine Howard explained: I really enjoyed learning about the Tudors because it made me learn about different cultures and not just mine. I really enjoyed how all the wives suffered and eventually Catherine Parr was the only one who survived and then King Henry died. I’m really jealous of Catherine Parr – she got to live! And I was the one just before that got beheaded!

What did you enjoy about the production? I like the drama – the way you act, the hand movements, the expression, I love that and I was really lucky to have one of the main roles.'

The excellent and pretty exhausted directors Miss Capon and Mr Maloney - who put the play together in only two weeks! - were extremely proud of their actors:

Miss Capon: 'It’s been absolutely fantastic putting it together and a huge challenge. We have been trying to fit in rehearsals amongst everything else going on but the kids have tried so, so hard and it’s been a great experience.'

Mr Moloney agreed: 'When you’re creating the greatest primary production ever staged haha, it requires a lot of challenges and you really have to stretch the children but they rose to the challenge and did such an amazing show.'

How did you put it all together, the acting and the songs?

'We did quite a lot of research around Tudor songs and cherry picked the best ones and then decided which children would deliver them in the best format. From that we built the drama around it and put a script together.'

Who did you feel really shone today?

Miss Capon: 'I think the wives were fantastic, they really projected their voices and used the stage well, which was really nice, they weren’t static. I think Saleem, one of the sailors, was brilliant - his every movement was full of energy.'

She also paid tribute to the TAs who have helped enormously: 'The support from them has been incredible, taking the kids out to rehearse certain parts, helping with the artwork. They did the roses and the paintings. We have done all of this in two weeks, which is a little unbelievable now!'

Well done to all of our enthusiastic performers and we look forward to your next show!