No 10 Gets a Visit from thrilled Year 12 Politics class

Our Year 12 Government and Politics group were fortunate enough to get a guided tour of one of the most influential buildings in the country when they rocked up to No 10 Downing Street for a sneak peek…

The students met and quizzed the Prime Minister’s adviser and speechwriter about his experience on the night of the historic EU referendum vote. They also spoke with him about how to pursue a career in public service and politics and the importance of work experience.

Marwa said: ‘This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone I told that I was coming didn't really believe me!’

The lucky teens were also taken around the fascinating inside of Number 10 behind the black door. This included things such as Churchill's favourite chair, a Turner original painting, art by Tracey Emin and the book collections of different PMs.

Sahil told us: ‘This was an unforgettable experience. It was a privilege to learn about the history of the building and the fascinating stories about the various Prime Ministers’

Our inquisitive Sixth Formers also had a stroll through the Rose Garden – where the Coalition Government was famously announced to the world's media. They were also actually allowed into the Cabinet Room – where the most important decisions about the future of our nation are decided.

Nuradean was in awe: ‘Everything we learnt in politics was literally brought into life! It really put it into perspective. To be able to see the Cabinet Room was incredible.’

Mr Higson agreed: ‘Never has there been a more interesting time to study British politics. Whether it's Brexit, the future of the Labour Party, the resignation of the PM or having our next female Prime Minister – it was wonderful to be able to visit at such an historic time.’

Ambitious Suhaib wondered: ‘So, when can I move in?’

We think Theresa May might have something to say about that Suhaib, but we like your thinking!