The Grind and the Glory - GCSE Results 2016

Thursday 25 August 2016

Ark Academy have enjoyed a 2nd year of impressive GCSE results and we are proud to say that 70% of students attained an A*- C in English and Maths.

Principal Delia Smith said: “This is a fantastic achievement and an improvement from last year. We are very pleased with the increased number of students achieving A*- Bs including English and Maths which is now approximately 40%.

Maths has a fantastic legacy of great progress and now English has joined it with nearly 50% of the cohort making 4 levels of progress from Key Stage 2 and 86% making 3 levels of progress. We are hoping this will enable us to maintain our fantastic national standing in terms of value added and student progress from KS2 to KS4.

There were so many individual stand outs and what I’m really pleased about is what a strong Sixth Form we will have next year with so many of them joining us.”

Daniel Hunt obtained 11 A*s and 1A ( the highest grade) for Additional Maths and was typically modest when discussing his phenomenal results: “I was hoping to do well, but I'm excited I've done this well! I’ve put in quite a bit of work but it has been fun at times and other times a bit stressful. French was a surprise as I don’t think I’m that good at it but I managed to get the grade so it was great.’

His French teacher Miss Giannarou disagreed: “He has worked solidly since Year 7 and in particular over Year 10 and 11 for the GCSE. So I’m really, really proud of him for his A*. Well done Daniel!”

Aleeyah Siddiqui: 4A*s and 7As

I’m ecstatic and my family are all really proud of me - I called literally all of my family! I don’t think they expected me to get grades this great, they were expecting As and Bs.

She didn’t expect to do this well:

“I did not think I’d get such good grades, not at all!  Additional maths I thought I was definitely going to get a D but I got an A. English language was a surprise because throughout the year I’ve been getting Bs in that subject but have now managed to get an A* at the end.”



Fatima Sultan received 5A*s, 4As and 2Bs and was thrilled that her efforts had paid off:

‘I’m really happy with what I got. I was really excited – at first I was really shaking but I’m really proud of myself now.

I worked hard for these results. My dad is really happy and surprised but proud.

For A levels I want to do English Lit, Maths, Biology and Chemistry as I want to be a cardiovascular surgeon.”


Elliot Howard who got 3A*s, 6As, 2Bs and a C said:

“I’ve always struggled with Chemistry the most so to get an A in it was good. I’m actually very happy with Chemistry. 

This is the best report I’ve had by far and my mocks were not like this at all, I’ve just been hoping for so long that it turned into what I expected it to be.”


Milola Adelekan spoke of how difficult it was to achieve a work/life balance while studying:

I got 1A*, 7As and 3Bs so I feel like it has been a good reflection of my hard work and effort and I’m happy with my results.

Around GCSE time I’ve really had to balance lots of things and think about my aspirations and how I like poetry and use it to spread the love of Christ and evangelise.

I feel I can speak well but I’m also good at maths so if you can find a balance between the two that would be good. I feel that balance is Economics, which I will be taking for A level.

Balancing all my commitments is challenging, I go to church quite a lot, as well as academics and paying attention to family and friends as well.”