Our new Year 7 reach for success as they begin their Ark journey

 The new students of Year 7 were raring to go during a packed Induction Week and certainly enjoyed having the school to themselves for their fun filled activities.

Enthusiastic Jessica told us: 'I have learnt many things! I’ve learnt to be persistent and not give up and feel that I can't do this. I’ve learnt to say I can’t do this YET but I can do it in the future, and it will be a hard thing because it’s very different from Primary, but you just have to learn to get used to it and not give up.'


 Hamza was impressed by our caring teachers: 'I was worried in case i wouldn’t make any friends, I wouldn’t get along with anybodyso far throughout it the school has impressed me beyond my expectations: for example many, many teachers make you feel like you’re at home and make sure you’re feeling comfortable here so you don’t get bullied or feel left out.'

He has learnt: 'If you make a mistake in a lesson, it’s not about feeling bad about it, it’s sometimes good to make mistakes because you can learn from them and move on.'

Snaha enjoyed the Art activity the most: 'We had a half skull and we had to sketch it and draw the shadows and make it the same on the other side. I did it really well and I enjoy Art a lot.'

Our core values also had an impact on her: 'I’ve learnt to be Civitas, to help people and I’ll show my best in the school and be successful.

Her classmate Fareedah agreed: 'We've learnt to be loyal to the teachers, because in Year 6 people were shouting on top of each other and in this school they make it very clear that we have to listen and be nice to other people, which is good.'

She found her subjects exciting saying: 'I think the classes are really fun. I heard that if you learn about Geography, your brain gets smarter and smarter and I really like the subject! Our French teacher Miss Miller makes French really fun for us. She gives us lots of activities and we are in a class team now so if we say something right we get class points.'

When asked what they want to achieve this year, they all have clear goals;

Fareedah: 'I want to accomplish getting better in my reading because I’m not that good at it and being Netball captain!'

Hamza is looking foward to earning plaudits: 'We have merits, they are a very good system and I would love to achieve a high amount of merits and an award.'

Jessica: I would love to achieve in Geography and History. I would love to learn more here as every time I go somewhere and we discuss about Geography and History I don’t know what to say and I hope I can find out and discuss about it in the future.

Snaha has her sights set on sporting success: 'I want to achieve in sprinting, I am a little bit weak at sprinting but I want to get so much better!'