Playtime is (almost!) over - Year 10 enjoy induction week before GCSE studies begin

 Year 10 Induction Week is designed to ensure the students face mental and physical challenges that make them think outside the box and work together. This year was especially effective at achieving this goal. We hope to prepare the new GCSE students for the year ahead by ensuring they are focussed and their minds are switched on after the extended summer break.

As an added bonus, they get to have fun and bond more as a year group!


Bisharo's favourite part of the week involved a strategic challenge:

'What I most liked was yesterday when we did the activity with Mr Leather where we all stood on a bench.

We had to stand biggest to smallest and move past each other on the bench – we weren’t allowed to touch the floor, the floor was like fire and if we did touch it we had to go all the way back to the beginning.

We used some tactics like holding each other and swivelling round, we found ways around it – but it was pretty hard!'

Lemuel said: Honestly, it’s been a big challenge because we’ve done not only physical activities but also mental activities.

We’ve learnt a lot of skills over the past two days and it’s been really fun!





For one activity, students had to run to a bucket of water and collect as much as possible using an item they thought would hold the greatest amount - the team with the most water at the end, wins.



Lemuel explained:

'It was quite challenging as we didn’t know which were the best items to use for transporting it at the start so we had to use our initiative; we used a water proof bag instead of a bottle as then no water will be wasted. Luck made us win!'

  Beheshta preferred the sportier side of things:

'I found out that boxing is really good for your fitness and tires you out a lot.

It helps you with stamina – the most important part of it is self-defence.

I thought it was fun and I felt strong!'



She is now looking towards her GCSE subjects of PE, Geography and Spanish.

'I think Year 9 is more about building up and getting to Year 10, but now I’m in Year 10 if I mess up now, then I will mess up my exams.

I think it’s now about independence and this is when you need to put in the work and put in the effort.'

Alisha felt that the experience brought her closer to her peers:

'This week has been good as it has shown me the idea of leadership.

Since we’ve been doing this I get to speak more to people that I haven’t spoken to or interacted with before in my year group.

Yesterday when we were doing the bench task, from youngest to oldest – it was fun as we all had to work together.' 

Above: Year 10 Award Winners of the week pose with their trophies - well done to all for your enthusiasm!

She too, is aware that this is an important time:

 'It's going to be harder now as we will have to be working more and paying attention more in class

I’ll be focussed in class and try not to get distracted easily; I will have to revise more as well.

I'm doing Media, Spanish and History – it will be nice for me to work more on them rather than the other subjects as they’re the ones I enjoy most.'