All About Us: Year 7 present their summer projects to their new Principal

 We set our new Year 7s a project over the summer to keep them busy - and busy they certainly were! The students who produced the best entries were invited to show Mrs Smith their colourful work. 

Snaha said: 'I wrote a full page about myself – we went to lots of theme parks and beaches and also Windsor Castle which was so interesting. I had a great summer!'

'That was the first time I was nervous because I thought Mrs Smith is really strict!  But then it went well and she gave us orange juice and biscuits and then I was like ‘Oh this is going to be fun!’ 

The presentation went well and I showed my summer challenge and Miss said it was really good.'

Above: Hamza owns the room as he tells of his summer achievements

Hamza: 'I talked about my hobbies such as football and go karting, and what I had achieved in the past and my life. Some things are very challenging but in the end I never give up.

It was very nervewracking, but when I got to the end of my presentation I felt good and like there was nothing to worry about.'

Above: Xhesika tells everyone how sporty she was this summer: clue - very!

Xhesika, who spoke of her athleticism, enjoyed the experience:

'I loved the meeting and the treats, it was kind of comforting and made you feel more at home. Then when you got up and smiled and read out loud all about yourself, it was just really nice.

When Mrs Smith and everyone clapped and said really good work and I knew I’d impressed them, I felt so good!'

 Fareedah took the family approach : 'I explained how many brothers I had and about my Mum and Dad and what I enjoy doing. I think she liked it!'