Bushcraft and Action Jackson are highlights of Year 12 Induction Programme

Our brand new AS level cohort enjoyed a busy and varied Induction Week, in which a visit from a buoyant motivational speaker gave them a lot to strive for, and the Bushcraft survival experience presented them with uncharted territory - mainly how to cope without their phones!

We caught up with three eager Year 12s to discuss how they are settling into Sixth Form life...

Minali explained that bonding with the externals was a nice experience: 'Bushcraft was really interesting because we had the chance to meet externals and make bonds with them. There was a lot of working together to build the shelters and even during the lectures we were able to talk to each other and make friends.

A lot of the friendships that we didn’t think would arise came through so induction as a whole was really nice.'

She added: 'The external students thought it would be an issue to make friends with us as they felt like outsiders but then afterwards they realised that you kind of just get along with everyone and that’s the atmosphere now so it’s lovely.'

Below: Elliot, Minali and Kaftun attempt to save Mr Alexander from a plane crash!

Bushcraft was certainly an eye opener for Kaftun:

'We’re so consumed with our phones and always having internet access, whereas the food that they ate wasn’t the best.

'It was bland rice and bland spaghetti (it's not good!) - but someone said ‘The workers at Bushcraft don’t eat it because they like it, they eat it because they’re hungry’.

So it just goes to show how passionate they are about living in the woods and that survival lifestyle.'

'It really did educate me about how different people live and what they are enthusiastic about. Some of them are there for a year or 8 months – I couldn’t do that!'

I really loved the games at night as it involved the internals and new students saying, 'Honey I love you' to each other and trying not to smile! It was effective as it got all of us to talk to new people and get to know each other.'

Osagie had a somewhat painful experience... 'I didn’t like one part because I sat on a bed of thorns, when we had to hide during a game of Predator so that wasn’t too nice but as a whole it was good!'

As if forest fun wasn't enough, motivational speaker and all round animated character, Action Jackson, also rocked up to deliver a dose of truth to the students. 

Kaftun was a huge fan of his presentation:

'He talked about his own personal experience and although he did a completely different pathway to us it was really interesting that he failed at something but then he found a passion for something else.

This passion led him to be better at the thing he failed at before. He wasn’t good at English Literature but ended up writing a book, so I found that inspiring.'

She feels she can use his advice in her day to day learning:

'I need to grab every single opportunity – in lessons I’m quite shy and I think that my answer is wrong so I don’t go ahead and put my hand up. But then I feel that I should have, just for the sake of saying 'Yes I tried and it didn’t work', so maybe next time I will keep trying, trying until I can say 'Yes I got it right!''

Meanwhile, Osagie is enjoying the perks of being in Sixth Form:

'I’ve enjoyed not wearing school uniform and going out for lunch! I prefer it because I get to express myself more, even though it has to be formal I like wearing formal clothes so it’s good for me.'

'The differences are there is a lot more work and you have to work a lot harder. You have to put more effort into everything that you do and listen more attentively in class.'

Check out the rest of the week in our gallery below!