Our new Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies are excited for a Civitas year

 We are proud to announce that our new Head Boy and Head Girl are...... (drum roll please)...... the brilliant Clement and Maaryah!

They will be ably assisted in their duties by Deputy Head Boy Nuradean and Deputy Head Girl Kassia. We have every faith that all four of these Year 13 students will be excellent ambassadors of our Ark Sixth Form and the wider Secondary school.

Principal Delia Smith spoke of the selection procedure:

'It was a very rigorous process and after the students had applied my colleagues and I drew up a shortlist based on their previous commitment to work in the school. I had a meeting with each of them and they delivered part of an assembly so we could see how they were in front of an audience. We're very pleased with who we selected.

I hope to see an increased connection between our Sixth Form students and the lives of the rest of the school, and of course that they have a positive impact on those lives. We also want the younger students to see how great it is to get into our Sixth Form and be like them!'

Above: Clement and the rest of the Senior Prefect team plan the upcoming year with Director of Sixth Form, Ms Keane

We spoke to the eager recruits to find out what they hope to achieve in their leadership roles.... 

Maaryah: 'I’m super excited to be Head Girl, I didn’t expect to get it but I’m really proud that I did and that I’ve achieved something I’ve wanted since Year 7.

'I want to bring the students closer together in the sixth form and the secondary school. Trying to integrate the sixth formers within Secondary during lunchtime would be nice considering that at the moment none of us sixth formers go into the playground at all.'

Kassia: 'It’s very exciting because I’ve always wanted to hold this role and I get to work with my best friend so it’s nice.

Primary maths and reading that we did last year was really good and it brought us closer to the Primary school and I think the young kids enjoyed it. So doing that now with Year 7 and 8 is a good idea as I think it will be helpful for them.'


Clement is very clear on his role as a sounding board for his younger peers:

I feel like it’s not about me making the decisions, it’s about the students and what they want so I’ll be working closely with Maaryah and the Senior Prefect team to chair meetings with them, listen to their feedback and the things they want to improve and then discuss how we can help the students in the lower school.'

 He added: 'Allocating 6th formers to a year group, and working closely with the Head of Years’, I think that would be a good plan.'


Nuradean's ideas look to the future beyond Ark Academy:

'I think Year 12s should be given more autonomy in their study groups to make them feel more like independent adults. They are going to university soon too so I think this would ready them for that and their further life.

I’d like to have a prominent role in sports for the younger years as I play football for the Year 13 team. If they want help or if they want to come to our practices. I’d like to run their sessions too, to help them out. I’d be a role model to them through sports, and music as well. I hope to set up a time slot with Miss Sharp to have a piano clinic in my free period.'

All the recruits are agreed on one crucial thing....

Clement: We need to plan a bomb prom!

Kassia: 'It’s our last one so we have to make it amazing.'      

Maaryah: Everyone is saying 'Get us on a boat!’ but I don’t want to because I get seasick!'

 We wish our Head Students a productive year of student collaboration and Citizenship.