Viking Day is a riot of crafts, stories & digging up treasure for Year 4

 Year 4 were treated to a day of arts, crafts and story telling as they learned about Viking life, strife and ships ahoy!

Mitchell said: 'We had tons of fun and made wax candles, brooch moulds, pouches and Viking bracelets.

My favourite part was when I made the brooch mould because I got to use clay. 

I liked that there was lots of stamps for the brooches so we got to do our own designs for them. My design was a cross in the middle and some hearts around it and it was silver.'

Classmate Kian enjoyed creating models out of clay: 'We were making goblin heads! The clay was very sticky because most of it I cut off because the heads had to be very small.

We didn’t paint them as the clay was coloured already and we didn’t want to ruin it.

The Vikings used the goblin heads to scare away evil souls so they wouldn’t die or get hurt on the ship when they were sailing across the seas. I actually don’t know if it works!'

He found the story most entertaining: ' When the lady read us the story about the Vikings, that was really fun. 

My favourite part was when she told us about the battle between King Alfred, the Anglo Saxon king and the Vikings – they thought they would win so they kept eating and drinking so some of them got drunk!'

Mahad continued: 'The Viking master had 3,000 troops and the Anglo Saxons had less than 1,000 men, but the Vikings still lost!'

Hannah found the mud hunt for artefacts fascinating: 'I liked when we dug up the dirt – I found a tool set – there was one where you can take out your eyebrows and one to clean your ears.

We had a Roman one instead of a Viking one so our table was really special. I found a symbol, and I also found this jewellery necklace - we made it in the morning and it was the exact same one that we found!

We also found a big fork, not like usual forks, which I found interesting. It had a circle with 3 points and is very different to what we have now in 2016.'

Thanks to all involved in the Viking workshops for your time and energy spent making sure it was a great day for our Year 4 students!