Poetry Slam brings passion to the prose

 The literary event of the school year was a busy affair as the library played host to 30 - yes 30! - young performers and poets, watched by a packed audience 

Snaha in Year 7 read a poem called: 'Poem in your Pocket' which tells us why you should carry one with you and the benefits of always using your imagination...

She said: 'I chose this poem because I thought it would be useful when people were asleep. It will make them doze very quickly and they will eventually have a dream in their head while they’re sleeping.'

Of the other student's pieces she enjoyed: 'All of the ones with the good rhyming words. One was about the environment saying that if you do bad things to it, then bad things will happen to you as a result so it had an effect on me.'

Mona's poem was called: 'What I want to be when I grow up'. She explained: 'I chose it because I thought it would be good to know that you have to find a job to do when you grow up and everyone will understand they have to choose their jobs. It is very important.'

 Many of the poems reflected the social consciousness of our students and their feelings about the state of the world around them.

This was nowhere more evident than when witnessing Fadya in Year 9, passionately & fearlessly perform a self penned piece about Feminism and her hopes for an equal future.

Veteran of the Slam, Year 12's Milola, once again delivered a masterclass in powerful performance, with his question poem 'How would you advertise life?' He captured the audience with his quick fire lyrics and impressive use of rhyme and word play. Definitely a role model for the younger years to emulate!