'International Day of the Girl' Rugby Tournament showcases power of female teams

 Our inaugural girls rugby tournament was such a great success we decided to host another one as part of  'International Day of the Girl' celebrations - and whoa, did we outdo ourselves this time!

There were 145 girls playing Rugby across 3 age groups, with teams travelling from as far as Hounslow and Hammersmith. This is almost double the 97 who attended the last event - impressive numbers indeed.

We caught up with our Year 9 star players to get the lowdown on the grind and the glory of the day...

Faith explains: 'It was a tournament between us and several other schools; Lycee International, BDA, Capital City, Alperton, Westminster, Preston Manor, Swaminarayan and the Green School.

The game atmosphere was good, only girls were allowed to watch – this makes it more close knit and more supportive.'

In terms of individual achievements: 'Amy scored two tries against BDA and Bellecia also scored two. Carys and Raushana scored one each.'

Cerys told us: 'Taking part in Women in Rugby is really fun and you get to be aggressive on the pitch which you obviously can't do in school.

It makes you stronger as a young woman and encourages you all to work more as a team because you get hurt, win and lose together.'

Luana said: For me, playing gives you more confidence in yourself as it doesn’t matter about your size, you can be small or big and still play rugby.

She also gave shout outs to the teachers who have been so encouraging of the team and training in the lead up to this tournament and beyond -

 'We want to thank Paul Quinn from Kilburn Cosmos as he inspires us to do our best along with Mr Edmondson, Mr Ding, Miss Rafferty and MISS KEANE!!'

Special mention must also go to Mezdha for her tireless work organising all of the Ark Academy teams, she has been an absolute star as Mr Edmondson's assistant manager this half term.


Year 7/8 (Games won) - CCA (3), Alperton (3) and Westminster (2)

Year 9    (Games won) - Ark (3), BDA 'A' team (3), The Green School (2)

KS4/5    (Games won) -  Lycee International (Won 2 Drew 2),

                                      Swaminarayan (Won 2 drew 1),

                                      CCA (1),

                                      Ark 'A' team (1)

Thanks to all the schools who took part in the tournament this time round and bring on the next battle!