Young Rugby players turn fashion designers to create stunning new kit

As if exhibiting their fantastic talent on the rugby field wasn't enough, the stars of our Year 9 team have now branched out into designing....namely their new school playing kit!

In an exciting collaboration with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) on the 'All Schools' program the girls spent the day at Twickenham creating a brand new shirt for their team.

Bellecia explains: 'I enjoyed the project because when we were starting the design we only had two little pieces of paper and designed what we thought would look good.

We stuck the four best ones on the board and took everyone’s ideas and put them into one to make this beautiful pink shirt.'

Luana: 'We decided to do black and pink because of our school colours. The black represents power and we used pink because girls wear pink shirts as school uniform and the boys wear white.

Pink represents elegance and that's how we play on the field.  We decided to put our school logo and the leaves on the shirts as that’s how we made sure that Ark Academy was included in the kits.'

She revealed part of the inspiration came from up above:

'We’re called Ark Angels because the name of it shows they are the highest rank of angels and so are we, inside and out. We also used the halo image to symbolise this on the back of the shirts.'

Maths teacher and rugby coach Mr Ding was very impressed with the final result. He said: ''The girls wanted a design that has the same power and elegance they show on the Rugby pitch.'


'They should be really proud of what they came up with and I can’t wait to see them running out in their new kits later this school year.'

Head of Boys PE Mr O’Carroll echoed this sentiment, calling them 'very classy kits'.

The girls harbour ambitions of being back at the stadium, as Bellecia tells us their next sporting steps:

'Some of us have tried out for Middlesex U15s girls rugby team and we are waiting to hear if we made it, so it’s exciting. I feel like we all want to play at Twickenham eventually!'

We have no doubt you will be running out to represent your country before you know it girls!