House Art Competition draws a crowd during fantastic playground final

The House Art Competition was bigger, better and more exciting than ever before, as Secondary and Primary students worked together to create huge murals on the theme of Unity.

Socrates was crowned winner at the end of an eventful lunchtime with their excellent design by Parbes from Year 11. It featured the Helen Keller quote 'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much' and depicted a dove in the middle.

Head of Socrates House, Miss Butler, was extremely happy with her artists efforts: 'I loved the event. It was such a positive atmosphere and the whole team were working really well together before I even arrived. I’m so proud of everyone!'

'It is only because we did so well in competitions that we came top for the first time ever last half term with overall house points.'

Above: Green is Good: Plato students and design co-ordinator Miss Donellan work on their mural, designed by Olivia.

Every student had the opportunity to submit a design on paper before a first round winning design was chosen from each year group of each house. 

From these entries the overall winning design from each house was chosen to be enlarged by all the winners in the grand finale.

The four designs then went up against each other in a live drawing event in the playground, where each house had a board measuring 1.5m by 3m to create the final pieces.

      Above: Newton House pose proudly with their Unity mural.

Keen artist Olivia in Year 9 designed the winning entry for Plato House and told of her delight at being chosen.

'It was really fun and enjoyable to do the Art competition with everybody else and seeing my design blown up was great – I just couldn’t believe it.

It was good looking at everyone else’s entries - there was a sense of Unity because everyone was working together doing the artwork and it was really nice.'

Above and below: The Curie artists working hard on their yellow hands and student sihouette piece.

She continued: 'It’s different for me because I’m usually working with pencil and pens, sometimes watercolour as well.

I don’t usually draw in this mural style, I usually do detailed and complex things but with this one I wanted to make it more simple so that when it’s blown up it looks better. I’d love to do more of this kind of drawing in future.'

Olivia had a great time at the event, except for one minor scare.....

'It was a bit nerve wracking at the end when they said we had 10 minutes to finish it and I think that was the only part but the rest of it was good because everybody was enjoying themselves.'

Miss Donellan explained who she thought did well:

'The entries were really good.  I really liked Curie’s; it had the word Unity on it and I thought the design was clever – simple but effective.

I was really impressed with all the Primary group, the ones that entered were well drawn with good, clear designs.

I was lead teacher for the Plato House team on the day. It was lovely and a nice way to spend a lunchtime, with music and lots of drawing. I don’t get a lot of time to draw so that was nice.'

As a medium, the black line drawing certainly proved popular:

'It's fun and quite expressive – it’s nice to draw to a really big and wide scale, which you don’t get to do all the time.'

Art Technician Miss McHaffie, who did a great job organising the competition, said: ‘It was about participation more than skill and having fun with the materials. Everyone made a fantastic effort and enjoyed just having a go at it.’

Congratulations to Socrates on their well-deserved win and we look forward to seeing more artistic drawing and of course, UNITY, from our school houses.