End of Year Assembly 2014

We ended another eventful academic year here at Ark Academy with our Awards assembly, which celebrated and rewarded the fantastic achievements of our students in academics, Sports, Drama and Music.

The audience was also treated to musical performances by our Year 9 band, who performed The Lazy Song and the Ark choir’s rendition of Shackles (Praise You). The Drama students’ routine reminded us of one of our school mottos ‘We will never have this opportunity again’ while the performing arts club entertained everyone with their take on the passage ‘Revolting Children’ from the Roald Dahl classic Matilda.

Now to the awards – and there were many!

Sportsman of the Year

  • Year 7 - Lemuel Ukwesa
  • Year 8 - Wiktor Wachala
  • Year 9 - Dontae Temple
  • Year 10 - Triston Price

Above: Dontae Temple and Triston Price with their Sportsman of the Year Awards


Sportswoman of the Year

  • Year 7 - Neola Suffren
  • Year 8 - Hannah Lawley - Wakelin
  • Year 9 - Summer Bywater
  • Year 10 - Kiara Taylor

Above: Kiara Taylor and Summer Bywater with their Sportswoman of the Year Awards


​​​​​Brent Athletic Champions Shield

Year 7 Boys

Johnai Burke, Steanjae Williams, Lemuel Ukwesa, Joshua Temple, Yasin Abdalla, Sahr Dugba, Ali Babukarkhel, Sekani Melford and Devonte Alcendor.

Above: Year 7 Boys Athletics team with their Winners Shield


Year 9 boys and girls

Both our Year 9 Boys and Year 9 Girls teams won this accolade with an impressive overall performance.

Boys: Tyreke Griffiths, Milola Adelakan, Jamar Clarke, Tocji Maduekwe, Cameron Russell, Kaine Kennedy Sinclair, Zion Suffren, Omar Ali, Ebou Njie, Dontae Temple, Javaun Francis, Jack Dolling and Osagie Ehigiamusoe.

Girls: Ugne Plekavicuite, Summer Bywater, Shannae Campbell, Lorena Bala, Divine Mabala, Shaakeelah Greenland, Sheriyah Lewis – Waithe, Kandice Hopwood, Mikayela Kabala, Shanel Edwards, Jamelia Campbell, Lekailia Jarrett and Shania-Diamond Craig.

Above: Year 9 Boys Brent Athletic Champions


Reader of the Year

  • Year 7 – Maria Alaswad
  • Year 8 – Matthew David Tate
  • Year 9 – Sherine Walker
  • Year 10 – Ana Alfonso


Manga High Gold Medal Winners

  • Year 7 & 8 – Lemuel Ukwesa, Hasiba Husseini, Sakhi Agni, Ilyas Afzali, Mohammed Qadri and Laura St Phorose
  • Year 9 & 10 – Summer Bywater, Maida Moeen, Agnieszka Jerzykowska and Mansi Paul


Ark Mathematicians

  • Year 7 - Nadia Stewart
  • Year 8 - Youssef Bensar
  • Year 9 - Daniel Hunt
  • Year 10 - Maaryah Siddiqi


Most Commendations

  • Year 7 – Anas Aden
  • Year 8 – Viktoryia Samusenka
  • Year 9 – Karolina Wojytra
  • Year 10 – Maaryah Siddiqi


Civitas Badge Winners

Year 7 & 8


Oliver Coutinho, Molly Taylor and Bibi Osman with their Civitas Badges.

Oliver Coutinho – Oliver has no demerits and has accrued the most commendations by far in our form, all fully deserved. He gets involved in all events with a cheery smile and can be relied upon to put his name forward and to encourage others.

Molly Taylor – Molly is one of the most considerate students we have at Ark. She constantly displays a selflessness that is far more mature than her 12 years. She is also positive no matter what mood she is in or how her day is going. This determination to learn has been noted by many of her teachers.

Bibi Osman – In class, Bibi is patient with the people around her and sets a fantastic example by always focussing on the learning and never disrupting others. She is not afraid of new challenges and knows these will help her achieve her goals.

Year 9

Allain Del Rosario – Allain is the epitome of Civitas. His whole character is warm and positive; he genuinely loves school. Without being asked he wrote and delivered an amazing speech in the Science Week assembly that ended up being filmed. He delivered it with passion and curiosity, the way that he approaches all his studies.

Maida Moeen –Maida shows excellence academically and is always on or above target in every subject, this is down to the huge amount of effort she puts into her studies at home, as well as her hard work in lessons. She has also stepped up last minute to participate in Sports Day events when other members of her form dropped out – now that’s participation!

Below: L-R: Dhruv Ghajjar, Adiba Husseini, Allain Del Rosario and Maida Moeen with their Civitas Badges

Year 10

Adiba Husseini – Adiba faces every challenge with a glowing smile, she works extremely hard and can often be found around the academy helping teachers with lessons or other pupils with their studies. Adiba would rather take herself out of her comfort zone to help others than sit back and be a passenger. It’s this quality that we’re sure will lead her to great success in and out of school.

Dhruv Ghajjar – What we really admire about Dhruv is his calm but assured confidence. He has great people skills and for this he is respected by both his teachers and his peers. When he doesn’t understand something, he seeks to right that wrong; he doesn’t give up or blame other people. Ultimately, Dhruv is a pleasure to teach and to know.