Mindfulness and Magic

The library enjoyed a meditative, magical day yesterday.

In recognition of Children’s Mental Health Week, we held two ticketed meditation and mindfulness classes during PSHE, led by our own Zen legend Miss Green. Students listened to short guided meditations, and completed positive affirmation exercises. Both classes were a sellout, with 50 students from years 7-12 taking part.

Almost 50 students then took part in our Harry Potter Book Night 2019 celebrations during lunchtime. Students were first sorted into their houses…

…and then used their Hogwarts expertise to attempt to Exceed Expectations in our Big Wizarding Quiz! Teams had to match spells and charms to their effects, guess quotes from Hogwarts professors, and answer trivia questions that would test even the most well-read Ravenclaw. Finally, Potter Pictionary tested their skills at drawing a range of characters, from Dobby to Hedwig.

It was a terrific turnout, and gratifying to see the enduring enthusiasm for these stories.

Huge congrats to the joint-first winner teams, who both scored 100%!