World Maths Day

Wednesday the 6th of March was the annual Ark Academy celebration of world maths day. Students arrived to their lessons greeted by their teachers who adorned them with stickers to kick-start the festivities. There was so much to offer.

Building up to the day students spent their time rehearsing and performing mathematical songs and raps to help them remember maths content, show off their musical talents and have fun of course.

Year 8 impressed in the world maths day assembly where we celebrated all the ways students have participated in maths competitions such as the Gelosia Shootout, Manga High Madness or Mathminton.

To round off the assembly a beaming Mohammed Abdulahi lead the whole year group in a memorable and amusing rendition of median, mode, range and average. To the tune of Lazy by Bruno mars.

Lunch time was time for the Pi off and it kicked off in style with almost 60 primary students able to recite 25 digits of Pi and a further 5 who managed 50 digits too. This resulted Ms Van Der Linden and Ms Harrison having pie vigorously smooshed in their faces over, and over, and over again. To roars of laughter from the lively audience.

Then was the turn of secondary…

This saw 6 students recite over 50 digits of Pi to shove a pie in the faces of our courageous volunteers, Mr Cheetham, Ms Daya, Ms Lisk along with the less willing and Mr Skehel from the maths department. To end things Shukri (Y11) recited over 150 digits of Pi before running off to a mock exam. Don’t worry, she did have time to gleefully Pi Ms Milea!

Finally Mr Skehel disappointed the students by winning the pie eating contest dispite Elizabeth’s (Y10) best efforts to fit them all in her mouth.

A special ark Academy shout out goes to Mr T’s Year 8 Maths class with their rhythm and moves in the Ark Academy classic “y = mx + c, equation of a straight line you see.”

World maths day is just one of the many ways students engage with mathematics beyond the curriculum at Ark Academy, a maths specialist school. Everyone is eagerly awaiting our next exciting event.