Ark alumni inspire Y13 Economists

The year 13 Ark Economists arrived in their sharpest suits, to the head office of Ofcom, in central London. All the students had a fresh understanding of UK regulation from lesson and were now excited to see how this is put into practice. The students were split into 3 groups and mixed with other students, they looked at mobile phone networks, the growth of online markets and how the right to 5G has been auctioned off. Our very own Ark alumni, Hasiba, was presenting part of the day having secured a place on Ofcom’s high level apprenticeship, one of only three places in the country.

Thanks to Hasiba leading the way, our students have a fantastic reputation amongst senior staff at Ofcom, with the Chief Economist saying “We have more students from Ark Wembley? Fantastic, they have some top talent!”.

Our current students lived up to expectations they were professional, enthusiastic and showed the ability to apply some complex models to real life situations. Year 13 were a credit to our school and community and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Miss Russell