House Point Hysteria - End of Term Assembly 2014

We ended our mammoth Autumn Term with a celebration of our students’ achievements and the all-important impact they had on the House Point totals.

As ever, the categories – for Attendance, Commendations and especially Charity Week – were fiercely contested and everyone assembled in the hall was excitedly anticipating the results.

The winners of the Attendance award were the mighty Curie, with 2520 house points, with Socrates hot on their heels with 2500; Newton were not far behind gaining a total of 2475, and Plato placing on the scoreboard with 2300.

In the Commendations stakes it was tight at the top indeed, with an extraordinary number of students deservedly receiving gold and silver commendations for their hard work over the term. Socrates just pipped Curie to the post with a score of 21500 points to Curie’s 21000. Newton and Plato clocked in at 19,000 and 17,000 points respectively.

Charity Week certainly stirred up a frenzy of good-natured competition, and this result was undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited result of them all as every student (and the understandably weary Heads of House!) hoped their hard work organising events and canvassing donations had paid off.

Newton came in 4th place raising a very respectable £1,012.49, Socrates were 3rd collecting in £1,139.02, Curie placed 2nd with a bucket shaking £1,315.36…..which means….Plato stormed to an incredible landslide victory, securing a whopping £3,023.28 in donations. Their student events alone raised £1254.53 with the remaining £1,768.75 amassed through staff events.

Congratulations to Miss Addison and all of Plato House for your dedication to the cause!

We were entertained by both the Ark Orchestra, who performed a rendition of The Nutcracker and the Year 7 & 8 performing arts group, who showcased an extract from Cinderella.

Shock and awe at the Charity Week tally....

The House Points gained from the competitions this half term were tallied and, due to their excellent showing during Charity Week, Plato ran away with the win – achieving a combined total of 5030 points. Their closest rival was Curie who came 2nd with 4,000 points; Newton and Socrates were closely matched for 3rd and 4th place but it was Newton who came out ahead with 3800 to Socrates' 3600.





However, the fun is by no means over yet: the overall totals so far this year put Socrates and Plato in a dead heat for 1st place with 61420 house points apiece. Curie and Newton are still absolutely able to catch them, with current totals of 57750 and 56920 respectively.           

There is all to play for in the Spring and Summer Terms!!