Year 7 Induction 2013

‘It has been a big adventure, a truly amazing week!’

Induction week is one of our most important weeks at Ark Academy. The year sevens learn how to become Ark Academy students and experience all that Ark Academy has to offer in exciting activities and lessons. This year the students participated in treasure hunts, a water challenge, a tower challenge, singing and exciting house activities. They also enjoyed PE, DT, Drama, Art and Music. Some students loved their lessons so much they even asked to have more of them however none of them wanted to miss receiving their lanyard and house badge in the assembly at the end of the week.



During induction week the year sevens learnt all about the core values including how important Civitas (citizenship) is for us all. Many of the students even managed to earn merits during the week for demonstrating Excellence, Persistence, Participation and Civitas.




The students have settled in very well and feel part of the Academy. ‘This school is the best thing that has happened to me’ said one of our year seven students, and another said ‘I am VERY lucky to be a student here because Ark Academy is such a nice school with very nice staff and pupils that I feel I really like.’