Year 10 Induction 2013

The Year 10 induction days aimed to introduce the expectations of Key Stage 4 through challenges and workshop sessions that allowed pupils to reflect and review how they work best. Throughout both days pupils were constantly guided back to thinking about what they needed to do to be successful in their GCSEs. They understood the importance of making a good start and begun thinking about how this phase in their academic career will shape their future. Looking back I can see the value and benefit of preparing pupils thinking and organisation prior to starting their GCSE lessons. The time spent with their form tutor has strengthened bond that is vital to their success.

On day one, pupils participated in a mixture of practical and non-practical challenges that required creative thinking, teamwork and resilience.  On day two pupils experienced a range of sessions led by school staff and external guests that covered ways of dealing with stress, their personal aims and aspirations and how to achieve GCSE success.
The feedback from the students was very positive...

What activities did you enjoy the most over the two days and why?
'The puzzle activity because it helped us learn to persist.'
'The session with the 2 University students. I thought it was interesting to listen to someone who had already been through there GCSE's and are willing to share their experiences.'

What did you learn about yourself over the course of the two days?
'I can do anything if I put my mind to it.'
'I think I learnt that I shouldn't be a passenger and get involved in team activities.'