Year 9 Careers Day

On 12th February  all of Year 9 were off timetable for the day for a Careers Day with a focus on  “The Real Game”- a unique careers exploration programme. By completing various classroom and research activities they learned about many aspects of real life that they will face as adults including budgeting, job satisfaction and planning for the future.

The Real Game is designed to emphasise the value of all work and the importance of on going education and adaptability.  For the day each student assumed an occupational role and they were invited to attend school in formal, business dress.  The occupations used in the job roles reflect a range of salary, educational levels and work styles, to emphasise certain points: the value of all work, the inequalities that exist in the work world, the importance of adopting a positive attitude and exploring ways to change your life.

The Real Game showed students a range of occupations that may be available to them, whilst giving them a chance to experience adult decisions making in a safe environment.