Year 9 and 10 Brilliant Club launch 2014

On Monday 3rd March 24 Year 9 and 10 students visited lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University for a 'Scholars Programme' launch event as part of the Brilliant Club. The Brilliant Club is working with Ark Academy to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups of outstanding pupils, which develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that help these pupils to secure places at top universities in a few years’ time.

Over the coming weeks students will have 5 tutorials in school with Year 10 studying Biomedical Engineering and year 9 studying the art of essay writing with their PhD tutors. The aim of the programme is to provide stretch and challenge and motivation. At the end of the programme students will submit a 2000 word essay which will be marked in line with university style marking grades. Those who pass this assignment will graduate from the University of Sussex in the summer term. We wish them all the best on the programme.