World Maths Day

Monday 10 March 2014

As World Maths Day dawned, you would be forgiven for thinking that Ark Academy was celebrating Art and DT day, given the vibrant assortment of hats adorning the heads of pupils and staff. Displaying their creative sides, each Maths fanatic decorated their headgear with a number personally significant to them. Luke Coutinho in Year 7 chose number 11 to signify his age and a prime number, and Year 7 student Bisharo Mohammed’s birthday number, 2, was her inspiration as she was born on the 2nd of September.

Representing the teachers in their millinery best were Mr Kirkman, who emblazoned the number of minutes in a year (525,600) across his forehead, while fellow English enthusiast Mr Cooper flaunted the only number that is spelt in alphabetical order, 40.

Meanwhile, Miss Ryan partnered up with her data team colleague Miss Lemon to educate everyone about the maximum number of fields in a data spreadsheet, 1,048,576.

Kudos to Miss Ryan for also rocking a black blazer bearing Pi symbols!

Defending his 2013 title, King of the Pi reciting contest once again went to Mr Styles, despite valiant competition from Miss Shute and Mr Izzidien, and a host of well-prepared children.
He didn’t break a sweat as he reeled off an impressive 103 digits to be crowned champion When asked how he was feeling after his win, the victor said it was ‘Easy as Pi!’

The day closed with a boisterous ode to Pi to the tune of (what else?!) Bye Bye Miss American Pie.