Sports Day 2014

A blisteringly hot day played host to a day of excellent sporting prowess and new school records set by our students. All the Houses were out in force to support their athletes with Curie being the ones to beat according to Mr O’Carroll: ‘Curie will be strong on the track because of last year and they will try their best to win or get the highest possible place they can.’

Our phenomenally talented Year 10 Boys once again displayed their skills on the track with both the heats and the final for the 100m being hotly contested.

Kyle said after his win: ‘I am feeling fine, I could’ve gone faster!’ but was happy with his impressive time of 11.94. 2nd place finisher O’keen said: ‘I like the 100m because you go all out and have your time to shine. I believed in myself and won in Year 7 & 8. I train hard and am going to look into training at an athletics club outside school.’

Year 10 Boys 100m

1st – Kyle 11.94

2nd – O’keen 12.15

3rd – Ricardo 12.62

Year 8 Boys 200m

During his heat Rynell was victorious with a time of 26.16 secs and said: ‘I am not looking forward to the final because I will be up against Kai!’ His concern was justified when Kai, who was slower in his heat with a time of 27.40, won the closely contested Final with a time of 26.14 to Rynell’s 2nd place finish of 26.91. Ra’quan was right behind them in 3rd with a time of 26.93. Kai pulled his leg on his way to victory and said ‘I felt it pop – I wasn’t even running that fast!’  

Congratulations to all three boys on a fantastic effort!

The winners of the Year 8 Boys 100m relay set a new school record with an excellent time of 54.21 secs. Well done to Kai, Kyle, Matthew and Rynell.  

The field athletes were not to be outdone, with a 3 new school records set by the Year 8 Boys in the Javelin.  Jonathon was first with a throw of 24.67m, Jerone 2nd with 22.50m and Alex rounded out the group with a distance of 21.40m.  

Year 9 Girls 200m was won by D’arcy who said ‘I could’ve run faster but my bandana was coming off!’  Even more impressively, she set a new Ark Academy record of 26.97! Sheriya and Rayannah came 2nd and 3rd respectively and were very gracious in defeat.

1st – D’arcy 26.97

2nd – Sheriyah 29.27

3rd – Rayannah 31.75

Year 10 Girls 200m

Te’rique was victorious and was feeling dizzy but relieved after her run – ‘I am not sure how I am feeling, I knew I was out in front but didn’t know how much by.’

1st – Te’Rique 28.87

2nd – Tierney 30.60

3rd – Trenae 31.13

Year 7 Curie member Lemuel was excited about the events saying “I have been doing sports for a long time and have always enjoyed it.” The 400m is his favourite event – he became Brent Champion over this distance and he likes it the best.  He was also doing the high jump and 100m relay events. His hard work paid off with a new school record of 1.45m in the high jump and a first place finish.

Year 9 girls 800m – a new school record was set 2minutes 55 seconds by Shanell - well done!

Year 9 boys 200m

Cameron said: ‘I had a relatively easy heat but am worried about the final - Jamal’s races against Zion and Eboue!’ His fears proved unfounded as he won...and with a school record time of 24.19 no less! Ebou and Jamal had very little to separate them as they battled for 2nd and 3rd place; they too set school records with times of 24.57 and 24.62 respectively.

1st Cameron 24.19

2nd Ebou 24.57

3rd Jamal 24.62

Year 9 Boys 800m was especially good to watch as our top 3 finishers all set new records, congratulations to them!

1st - Ebou 131.34

2nd - Zion 146.44

3rd - Omar 148.56

At the end of an exhilarating day of events the totals were tallied and the results were in.......SOCRATES are the winners!