Year 7 Induction Week 2014

A mixture of excited and nervous new faces greeted our staff on the first day of our Year 7 Induction week, eager to start school and curious about what Ark Academy had in store for them. 

Our expectations and ethos were made clear and we explained our philosophy of ‘Sweating the Small Stuff’ with things such as presentation, speaking in full sentences and listening all of the time. We believe these details are instrumental in creating a productive learning environment for the students and help to re-inforce our Year 7 motto ‘Work hard, be nice’.

The way we do things at Ark certainly made an impression on our new additions!

Paris and Sammy from 7Angelou couldn’t wait to tell us how much they were enjoying their induction.

•    How are you finding Ark Academy so far?

Paris – It is perfect, I love this school.

Sammy – It is really good and really nice. I am wearing a tie and grown up men wear ties to go to work so wearing my tie makes me feel like a big, big man!

Paris – I have made a lot of friends, the teachers are nice and the school inside and all the clubs are so nice as well. I love the lunch food – my favourite is the sandwiches.

Sammy – My favourite is the lasagne and garlic slice.

What have you liked most so far?

Both – PE!

Paris: We liked the dodgeball, it was so much fun and it got competitive!

•    Was Dodgeball painful?

No, it didn’t hurt because the balls were soft and squishy, it was just fun! Getting to know everyone and making friends has been the best part.

•    How did you feel before you came to Ark Academy?

Sammy: I was really, really scared because it’s a really good school with high expectations. I wanted to come to this school so much – it was the first one I put on the list and I knew I would have to work hard if I came here.

Paris: I think this school is going to change my life and change me into something good. Mr Styles said in assembly that this school will change your life and I think it will. We will work hard and be nice but learn as well.

Sammy: It’s good because it teaches us to work hard and have manners at the same time.

•    What are the teachers like?

Sammy: They are firm but fun at the same time – I think the lessons will be fun, we are doing a rap about growth mindset in Science.

‘Meet my House’ introduced the students to the House – Plato, Socrates, Newton or Curie - that they will be a member of throughout their school life and kicked off the great camaraderie, teamwork (and healthy competition!) that underscores all of our contests.

One student immediately entered into the spirit of things by suggesting: ‘We should find out what the other Houses are doing and then do something better than them!’ We think he is going to get on just fine in Plato :) 

The team building tasks on Day 2 also proved popular, with the race to build a structure of marshmallows and pasta becoming quite heated!

The forward thinkers of the year group already have their sights set on the future: -

Serena spoke of her career hopes: ''When I’m older I would like to be a midwife or a lawyer because they have both been my dreams since I was nine years old... I would like to be a midwife because I’m going to be doing things for the world and bringing life into the world.”

Brandon too has clear goals: “In the future, I hope to achieve good levels in my assessments which will mean that I can go to university and lead a good life. Our class motto is ‘Superstars in Motion’ and this year that is what I will show that I am.”

Finally, the Drama department were not to be outdone, giving our budding thespians a chance to showcase a range of comi-tragic skills.

We think Alexandra from 7Motion summed up the week perfectly:‘I don’t really have a best thing because it is all the best thing!’

We wish all of our new additions a happy and successful first year.