Year 10 Induction Strive Challenge 2014 Part 1

Year 10’s first two days back were intended to make them aware of the skills they need to develop to become successful and reinforce the core values we promote.

The sessions focussed on four key areas – Leadership, Resilience, Motivation and Teamwork and enabled the students to practice their skills by doing group tasks.

During this two day programme, the students created their own STRIVE Challenge Target and will work towards achieving this throughout the term.

Leadership and working with others

When it came to the practical command activities the students were encouraged to think about how they use their communication skills and conflict management while working in a group.

All the groups completed tasks including the Tyre Stack manoeuver – which involved each team moving 5 numbered tyres from the first pole to the third pole while attempting to put them in ascending order. However they could only move one tyre at a time and couldn’t put smaller numbers on top of the bigger numbers - no easy feat! The aim was getting all the tyres in a tower from 1-5 on the last pole.

Nadajah said: ‘It was an opportunity to put all your skills and hard work together to accomplish goals.’ ‘You need communication and endurance to do these tasks and if stuff gets hard you can’t say ‘Forget this’ and stop, you have to keep going’, she added.

Keen basketballer Summer thinks the skills they learnt are transferrable: ‘The activities can help you in sport because if a teammate makes a mistake it will help them improve for next time instead of you getting annoyed with them.’

Hishim said: ‘Saul was good as our leader on the Ski task – he gave good instructions.’ The Hula Hoop task proved more difficult for him and he had to think of the bigger picture: ‘I really didn’t want to hold someone’s hand but I had to do it to win overall.’

What has he learnt from the experience? ‘It shows dedication to complete something and you have to sacrifice things to achieve a goal.'

Jake soon discovered it was harder than he thought: ‘At first it looked easy, especially the ski one but you really had to think about what you were doing as a team. The time limit and bad communication meant that we didn’t complete it.’

He also got the chance to be in a group with some unfamiliar faces: ‘I was a bit uncomfortable working with people I didn’t know – we are in the same form but I don’t really speak to them. It was not as bad as I thought and fun by the end.'

What will he take away for next time? ‘I will be more outgoing next time and put more effort into future activities as I thought of it as a joke. I am going to take it seriously and understand more what it means and represents.'