Poetry Slam 2014

This year’s entertaining Poetry Slam gave us poems by writers as diverse as Maya Angelou to Benjamin Zephaniah and Pam Ayres, Michael Rosen to Seamus Heaney. As you can see many of the students took inspiration from their form names!  More than 40 budding performers impressed both the judges and the captive audience of their peers and teachers with passionate & emotive renditions of their chosen verses.

It was lovely to see so many of our new additions stepping up and getting involved – Year 7 certainly brought a fresh zeal to the atmosphere and their readings; the excitement was palpable!

Paris from 7Angelou performed her form namesake’s poem Still I Rise with fantastic emotion and true passion. We could see how much the words meant to her and she ensured it was how this inspiring piece was supposed to be heard.

Maria and Rhea from 8 Fleming duetted on a very sweet, relatable verse called If I Were A Carrot about love, friendship and being afraid to tell someone you ‘like them a lot’ – a sample line being ‘I wish I could tell you I like you a lot, but I am a secret and you are a knot’.

Nicole & Zahal were a brilliant double act on Michael Rosen’s humourous tale of Where Broccoli Comes From and acted out the quirky theories flawlessly.

A change of tone brought Gayathri’s soothing performance of Blackbird of Glenmore by Seamus Heaney while Safa from 7Duffy took on a challenging poem for their age range – Carol Anne Duffy’s Mrs Midas. It was an accomplished story-telling, and well paced, of a husband and wife’s domestic life together and their eventual separation.



The students’ impressive memories for particularly long or difficult poems were showcased, notably by the poem Grrr! by Francesca Veer – in which Bathseba from 7Heaney also sang the line ‘I’m the worst there’ll ever be…. whyyy? As a tiger?!’ 

Not one but two readings of The Highwayman (abridged) by Alfred Noyes gave the students a chance to act out a gothic themed piece, like Sara and Niche from 11Dickens (with very creepy sound effects!), and use props (Bano in 7Motion wore a fetching hat) but they handled it very well and seemed to relish the ghoulishness of the story :)

Crowd pleaser Talking Turkeys was a stand-out winner for sheer force of delivery, with Shukri from 7Duffy using accents, expressive actions and clearly having fun with Benjamin Zephaniah’s fast flowing verses. She deservedly won the overall Slam, with Saif 2nd, Leny 3rd & Patricia 4th with her frenzied, breathless and excellently indignant reading of It’s Not Fair.

A huge thank you to all for participating.….keep practicing your word wizardry!!