Into University Trip - Year 8 get a taste of student life

Year 8 got to experience student life for the day when they visited Oxford University. They took in the impressive grounds, met the current students and attended a talk about societies, as well as enjoying some group work on an unfamiliar topic.....

We caught up with Elise who told us all about her day: 'We learnt about anthropology, which is learning about different cultures and societies and how they are different or similar to ours in England. We were with some Oxford students who were really friendly and told us about how it is there and how they made friends and what they study. They have different societies where they get to meet people who enjoy the same things as them. On campus because everything is so close together, when they go to the library they meet people there.'

Speaking of the societies, she has a strong idea about what she would bring to the table:

'I would want to join a food society. You can make up your own society as well so if I could make up my own society I think it would be about food. Definitely cooking and tasting food.'

One of the highlights of the trip was the anthropology task:

'We did a game where we had to role play each group had a different country and we had to role play the different rules that they had.

One was that men had to have control and each time they got a cow they gained more power so the more cows you had the more popular you’d become. You get a cow when you’re a child and when you get a cow it means that you’re grown up so each boy gets a cow and then the more you have the better you are.'

The trip has made Elise think about aspiring to not just uni life, but the Oxford Uni life.

'It made us adjust to how it would be. I know more about the uni now and I want to do psychology and medicine because I want to become a psychiatrist. The students we met all came from different backgrounds and had different experiences.They also studied subjects that they haven’t done before so I feel like I would be able to do the same if I work hard enough.'

We're sure you will Elise! Thanks to all at Oxford University and Into University for your time and effort in making this a lovely day for our future BA Hons achievers! :)