Year 11 Mock Results Reveal Day

Instead of simply handing out the results of their Mock Exams to Year 11, we decided to get a little bit creative and let them experience what the real GCSE results day will feel like!

We set up the reveal in the atrium and gave them an envelope with their subjects and grades, laid out exactly as their GCSEs will be, and watched as they discovered the outcomes of their hard work.....

Maaryah said: 'I’m Ok – I got 3 A*s in Eng Lang, Eng Lit & Maths, 2Bs, the rest were As and I got one D in Additional maths.

I’m really pleased because I got all As in my Sciences which I was not expecting at all. The only thing I’m really worried about is my Additional Maths but I know I can work on that and get it back to an A. I’m proud of my Sciences because they are my weak area.'




Varshani: 'I'm happy with English cos it’s my best subject and with all the sciences I got As which I wasn’t expecting.  Before I opened it I was the most scared person – I was sat in assembly like ‘Hurry up, hurry up but I don’t want to get out, hurry up but I don’t want to get out’ because I want to go and open it but I don’t want to as well!'

Ashleigh: 'I’m feeling quite Ok – it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be.  I was feeling quite anxious about it, I was actually quite scared. I was worried about a certain few subjects but not all of them.  In most of them I did better than expected!'

She experienced the classic exam scenario: 'I kind of felt a bit out of my depth - I felt like when I got into the exam hall I forgot everything I was supposed to do.'

Amy: I was feeling Ok, when I came out of the exam hall I was feeling like I did do well, but then afterwards when I got my paper back to review it I was feeling ‘ I could’ve done better’ but I did Ok after all.

Any surprises? Maths. I thought I wasn’t going to do well but I did, I got a B. I think the Mocks have given me a confidence boost. I need to work on Drama and the core sciences.

In addition to the results, Year 11 also had an assembly led by Principal Smith. We asked them what they were going to take on board from her talk. 

Ashleigh said: 'Juggling all the balls, juggling all your subjects more and to not leave things until the last minute because you know you're not doing that subject until the last week. Giving things the needed amount of attention and not just revising one subject more than the other.'

Ryeisha agreed: 'This is serious, this isn’t a game. Before, in Year 8, we used to laugh about it more but now I’m actually feeling like it’s serious. I need to buckle down – I believe I’ll get there in the end.

Her results were expected: 'I do need to work on a lot of stuff! I did better in English and I thought that it was going to be bad. I’m in the middle right now, it's not bad but it's not great. I did revise but not enough so I need to revise more.'

Miss Ryan was upbeat about the outcomes: 'I think we’re all feeling really pleased with the successes that were evident in the Mocks and we know the way forward so we’re very positive about the coming months. We’re particularly happy with Maths – the students achieved 80% A*-C – really, really exceptional results. The kids now need to knuckle down and focus on consistent hard work right up until the 11th May.'

The hard work continues now!