Year 2 Fire Safety Talk - Hazards in the Home

Year 2 Da Vinci class were treated to a very important lesson on fire safety by local fireman Mr Singh. He spoke to them about what they should do if a fire started in their home and the best things to do to prevent a fire occurring.

The class showed their maturity in learning about this topic and gave great suggestions about Hazards in the Home. 

Michelle said: Today we were learning about how to get out of the house if there’s a fire. Mr Singh said that we should talk about making a plan with our Mum and Dad, so we know what to do if there is a fire. If your door is locked then you’re in danger but you can open the window and get your torch and shine it at someone’s window to tell them you need help.

Kyan said: 'First you have to touch the door and see if it’s hot with the back of your hand and if it’s hot you have to get clothes and put them under the door so it can stop the smoke from coming in.

If you touch the door with the front part of your hand then your hand might get burnt and if you open the door, the fire might be right outside.'

What do you think about firemen? 

That their job is really hard and they might get hurt themselves if they forget to do stuff that they need to stay safe in the fire. It’s a really good job because you’re saving lots of people’s lives and keeping them safe.