China Day - Year 1 Celebrate Chinese New Year

Year 1 have been learning about China this term and to mark Chinese New Year on the 19th February (albeit a few days later due to half term!) Flannery and Pythagoras class had a fun day of activities and arts and crafts to mark the Year of the Goat.

Jiyya said: 'We were making masks like this of a tiger and a pig and Chinese lanterns.

'We also played games and did colouring in. We are wearing only red dresses or T-shirts today because that is the special colour of China.'

Asha said: 'I liked learning about the Great Wall of China and we made it with blocks today. I also like colouring the animals – my favourites are a rat, an ox, a tiger and a rabbit.'

Insia & Armando explained the significance of the animals: 'We are colouring Chinese animals – there are two famous animals, the dragon and the tiger. The dragon blows fire and the tiger has sharp claws. They are more important than the other animals.