Prefects on point with academic targets and beyond...

Congratulations and a big HELLO to our newly selected Year 11 Prefects!

These friendly faces, under the watchful eye of their Head of Year Mrs Geary, will be supporting both their younger peers and their teachers with day-to-day duties and will be available to help with any tasks that require someone responsible and willing :)

We asked them how they were feeling about being chosen to represent the academy in their new role and what their goals are for the rest of the year:

Kassia: My academic resolution would be to get my target grade, which is an A, in Maths. I need to plan out my revision for Maths more carefully so I focus on harder subjects instead of the easier ones I already know.

My non – academic goal is to relax because I tend to get stressed a lot very easily. So I'll make more time for myself so I can relax.

Maryaah: To achieve my target grades in all of my subjects. My specific one is to achieve my targets in Science because I’m terrible at Science at the moment so I want to achieve A*s in all three sciences but especially Physics. I also want to become mentally and physically fitter by doing more exercise which I don’t do currently, which is partly because of time and because I’m a lazy person!

Dhruv said: 'My goal is to get re-selected for Marylebone Cricket Club. I have to do a re-trial for it and it gets harder every year. I play opening bowler and I bat No 7. It’s an Under 16s club and I will preferably play for the Under 19s if I get a chance. It’s a lot more difficult than last year because no one ended up attending the trials last year cos no one knew about it but now people know about it, there is a lot more competition. I’m nervous but I of course can do it. I was born for this!'

Serena: To get above my targets and get As in English. My non academic is to go to the London Youth Games and win at basketball. I’m training now and it’s going well.'

Darshil: This year I want to be able to move from my Foundation level in English to Higher. My non-academic resolution is to finish my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award so I can hopefully go to my Silver Award. I have to do 3 months of going to the gym, 3 months of volunteering and one month of skill - I am on track at the moment.

Shaniqua: To achieve an A* in Performing Arts cos that’s one of my favourite subjects. My weakest subject is Chemistry or History so I will be working hard in those. Medicine has lots of facts and for History I need to know specific time periods and what happened in those time periods. They’re frustrating because you can easily get them mixed up.

My extra-curricular goal is to start back at my dance class because I got lazy during the mocks and didn’t go!

Sonal: I need to manage my time with revision more carefully. English is my weakest subject because I don’t like essays, so I’m going to write more practice essays so that I can improve.

She explained how being a prefect is different this time around: 'It is a bigger deal this year than it was last year - last year was a trial and this year is like the real deal.'

What things will you be doing more of this year?

'Helping more students and being more involved with them because I think last year they didn’t really know who we were as much. This year we’ll be more involved with them because our job is to help them.'

What do you hope to achieve – what are you going to help them with?

For some of them, learning how to behave because sometimes they get a bit aggressive and student-to-student you can tell them it’s not Ok and encourage them to behave the right way.'

All valid and productive goals! We are excited to see how it goes for you all and hope you enjoy being our Ark Academy Prefects!