Ark Future Sportswomen are Inspired by Current Stars

The budding sportswomen of the future, our determined Year 9 & 10 girls, were urged to continue their pursuit of sporting greatness during an Inspiring Women in Sport event at the Olympic Stadium.

Our students were given the opportunity to listen to talks and put questions to a variety of athletes, most of whom competed in the Olympics or currently represent their sport at a professional level, such as track and field athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton.

Summer and Ugne from Year 9 told us about their day.

Ugne said: 'It was fantastic because we got to talk to professional sportswomen and we want to become sportswomen when we leave school and finish education. It was very inspiring.'

Summer continued: 'We got to ask the women questions about what we had to think about in order to reach our career goals. It was good to get answers so now we know what mindset to have and exactly what to do to follow in their footsteps.'

They asked the athletes what they did in school; the qualifications and subjects they did, their biggest challenges they had to face and their salary.

Summer explained the obstacles were more personal than professional: 'They were more emotional problems and problems outside of their career, like family issues and things like that. It was interesting to hear their stories.'

Clare Balding was impressed with all the girls and stated that they too are an inspiration to females in sport and the younger pupils in our school, which was lovely to hear.

Ugne said of Clare: 'She was nice and we liked her. She talked about how women should be inspired more and the division of Women’s sport and Men’s sport isn’t fair so that’s why they’re doing these Inspiring Women talks to encourage more women to get into sport.'


Ugne agrees with the initiative: 'I'm glad they're doing this because you never see women's football on tv.'

The girls were rewarded and pleasantly surprised with a guest appearance and performance from Tom Daley (GB Bronze medallist at London 2012).

Summer said: 'We saw Tom do his dives and he went to his coach and asked him how to improve so it shows us that we should do the same thing to get better as athletes.'

Ugne wants to go into either basketball or netball professionally and Summer is aiming to be a basketball or football player.

When asked which females in sport have inspired them, Ugne chose Jessica Ennis as her role model because 'she does so many sports really well.'