Ark Footballers score with the Jason Roberts Foundation

Year 7 and Year 9 footballers showed off their skills, honed by the Jason Roberts Foundation, during a competitive, well-spirited game.

Ark won 6-2 against Woodfield School who have already challenged us to an eagerly anticipated replay!

Keyon in Year 7 was Man of the Match with four (count them, four!) goals, and the squad in full were:

Yash (GK), Oliver ,Luke, Keyon, Leny, Rahul, Claudiu, Jacek, Samy. Well done to all of you!

Nasir, who was not able to play that day, still came down and got changed in to his full kit to be the manager with Mr Foster. What a legend!

Goalkeeper Yash told us:  ‘It was absolutely amazing. I’ve never competed professionally before, I definitely felt like it was a professional match.

I saved all the other shots but one I think was the best, I literally just dived and didn’t care what happened and caught it!

The other two I let in – the first one was completely my fault, the 2nd one the team says it was their fault because they just swarmed the left wing and they just left the right side open.

Everyone just gathered on the right side, all of the other team – they just whacked it into the left corner!

I think everyone played good on my team. I think one goal it shouldn’t have counted because it was obstructing my view but that’s Ok we won anyway so I have no objections.

What has practice with the Jason Roberts Foundation been like each week?

'The foundation come into the school and we practice golf and football with a guy called Benji. It’s not really training it’s just fun – we weren’t really preparing for the match it seemed like.

 I think it’s helped me a lot because before I wasn’t really confident with playing with other people as I never really played a real professional football match before, but now I am!

In training we played football matches every week for like half an hour and it got me used to playing with everyone and got me prepared for what was to come.'

Below: The free kick wall before and after!