Careers Day - Year 9 glimpse their future

Year 9 put on their smartest clothes to enjoy a fascinating look at possible future careers as representatives from a multitude of companies visited to share their experiences and offer advice on their industries.

The students certainly made the most of the time with each professional – they couldn’t stop asking questions!

We asked them what they have learned from the day:

Nashel said: 'It will help me because I’ve been listening and asking questions to different owners of companies and consultants and they’re telling us about different subjects that we can take to get into that field.

I was talking to the owner of an insurance company and she said that to get to work there you need Maths and your core subjects; you need to get As at the moment to get where she is. During her time she didn’t need to have A grades you just went and tried and tried, and did trial and error until you got there, but things are very different now.'

Yasmin: 'I want to be an English teacher at the moment but before that I wanted to be a journalist - but now people are making me change my mind, since I’ve been hearing a lot of things at this event.

I spoke to a couple of people who work in Business and Accounting and there are so many things to take in that I actually don’t know what to choose! Now I’m interested I will look into them more. They told us how many hours they work and how they enjoy their job and that it’s kind of fun.

It’s practice makes perfect so if they don’t work hard or revise every night they wouldn’t get where they are now or be where they want to be in the future. So it takes hard work! I thought if I just sat there and did nothing then in the future I would be something but that’s not true.'

James Leigh from Speakers for Schools: 'The students were all very positive. I think they felt comforted by the fact that I absolutely love my job but it wasn’t what I set out to do. It shows that even if you change your mind and pick something that’s not the original you can still enjoy yourself.

They were just excited to hear about the possibility that you could move around so much and by making a choice it didn’t tie them in to doing something that they couldn’t then move away from later on.'

Picture below: Miss Shute's class doing career activities in form time, Apprentice style - we would hire them!

Rynell: 'I asked questions that would help me when I’m older such as if there is a job you kind of like how would it affect me as a person.

They said to be honest you have to do a job that you like fully cos if you do a job that you don’t like, there is no point in you doing it because it’s basically your life wasted.'


What I want to do is become a basketball player but I’m keeping my mind open because if basketball doesn’t work out then I might consider being a journalist or working with kids like Mr Issa does.

It’s taught me to stay in school and learn as education is the key. You could become anything you want as long as you have knowledge in your head.'

Jada explained the main things she took from the day:

'It’s taught me to have confidence, be professional, work on your people skills and work hard and concentrate.

Why are your people skills important?

They are vital for every job, every single job you need to have people skills, you need to know how to talk to people and welcome them and get along with them as well.

My favourite part of the day was networking. To find out about other people’s jobs and things that I might be looking at in the future.  It’s when you really face reality and you learn how serious school and education is to your work life.'

Emily Beaumont Environmental Journalist:

They asked me about what skills were needed so I was telling them all to learn their spelling and grammar and to study things they were interested in; the biggest life skill you can have is passion for what you do.

Advice on being a journalist?

Be interested in the world around you, it’s a very competitive profession so be aware and work hard at all your subjects otherwise you won’t get anywhere in life.

All of our Year 9 students were given much food for thought over the course of the day - we would like to thank all the professionals who gave up their time to come and provide an insight into their working lives.