Kingswood Conquerors 2015

Ark Academy Takes Kingswood By Storm!!

By: Ahshon, Year 7 student

On Sunday 15th March 2015 Year 7 Ark Academy students were honoured to visit a state of the art facility, complete with thrilling and adrenalizing activities. This was Kingswood…

Only an hour outside of Europe, Kingswood is a child friendly centre, which aims to educate children using activities as life lessons. There is no doubt this exceptional residential centre will improve children of all ages confidence, as well giving them an exhilarating experience to treasure in their hearts forever.

The approximately 3 and a half days were astonishing. Participating in nerve-racking activities and still knowing that you are in safe hands can be a joyful experience. These activities taught our school’s core values Participation, Persistence, Excellence and most of all, Civitas.

A fellow student from Ark Academy, Saif, told the BBC: “The trip helped me make new friends and brought me closer to old ones.”

It is clear that this trip has encouraged Ark Academy’s core values and has strengthened the bond of many friends.

This facility also reinvigorated our love of sports, allowing rugby and football to be played freely.

This kept students from staying in their dorms and let everyone participate in their favorite sports. It also allowed limitless periods of time to do whatever you pleased.

Kingswood boasts state of the art facilities. Fellow student Abdul said “I was impressed with cleanliness of the bathrooms’. I was able to have a really relaxing shower.”

With the infinite joy that is embedded in our hearts, we can take that back to school and input it into our core values.



Kings & Queens of Kingswood!!

By: Shukri, Year 7 student

Kingswood was an unforgettable 4 day experience for Year 7 students and staff. There were many great moments and successful achievements for everyone that went.

There were many highlights of Kingswood but personally I would say the High Equilibrium was my favourite. Although it was terrifying and challenging it was still great fun. We had to keep our balance while crossing this seesaw high above the ground.

Kingswood staff explained: “It's a test of nerves to cross the seesaw alone, or a challenge of honing communication skills as a small group.” There were many learning outcomes like developing their coordination skills and balance. Also the 3G swing was great.

Olivia stated: “It was so awesome! It felt like a rollercoaster ride like the SAW from Thorpe Park. I would definitely do this again if I could.”

There were also many more sensational sessions like: aeroball, campfire, disco, field games, fencing, indoor laser, Jacob’s ladder, leap of faith, mini Olympics, orienteering, swimming, team challenges, quad biking, zip wire and much more.

Kingswood is about capturing those great moments no matter how spine-chilling, silly or successful they were.

Aanchal commented after attempting a positive effort of the ‘Leap of Faith’:

“It was great fun and I really enjoyed it. When I managed to grab the metal bar I felt victorious so I celebrated with a few victory punches in the air and a triumphant dance.”

One funny moment for the girls in Year 7 was when there was a spider in one of the shower cubicles. Screaming like bratty four year olds they rushed out of the bathrooms – all over a spider! However those who weren’t frightened or didn’t know what was going on pulled hilarious faces of shock and puzzlement.

Out of the blue… a courageous hero saving the galaxy from a harmless spider…was 7Cope’s form tutor Ms Lewis who saved the day…and lives of many good-natured citizens.

There were many good reasons why we went to Kingswood. For instance, to learn useful techniques and skills that we might likely come across in our future lives.

This shows what we learnt in Kingswood we could take with us and use it in many daily life tasks like homework or activities which we are afraid of. The trip taught people a lot about themselves like what they could or couldn’t do. It was also a great chance to make new friends.

All students showed the Ark Academy core values: Participation, Excellence, Persistence and Civitas. Civitas is an Ark Academy word meaning being a good citizen.

Due to this fantastic behaviour towards everyone including members of the Kingswood staff without one mess up; the students of Ark Academy, who wowed the teachers wonderfully, were awarded gold medals for achievement, which was equivalent to a gold medal! Everyone had a blast and all wish to come back again!

Campfire Comedy!!

By Saif, Year 7 student

Just an hour outside of Europe, Kingswood offers a range of stimulating activities that petrify youthful students to the bone. Moreover, this copacetic centre encourages children of all ages to conquer their fears - especially Arachnophobia! Even though most challenges at Kingswood are physically demanding, the acclaimed urban area consists of many academic activities such as problem solving.

For a staggering three and a half days, I had the pleasure of visiting the exceptional environment and participating in all it had to offer. Personally, as Kingswood strongly promotes teamwork, high equilibrium was clearly a favourite along with Jacobs Ladder.

One of the most hilarious moments in our stay was the campfire as the songs were both repulsive and humorous.

If you do not believe me then hear it from another student: “They were very inappropriate but made all the other students excited.” Ahshon revealed.

However, apart from the humorous aspects, Abdul told the BBC that ‘Nightline’ was extremely daunting; he also added that the concept of being blindfolded and jumping over tires was bloodcurdling.

Despite not being my first time visiting Kingswood, it was certainly the best as I had the opportunity to showcase my courage and socialize with many different people. If I went there again, I would cherish every moment.

Active Ark Avengers!!

By Abdul & Olivia

Activities such as High Equilibrium and Aerial Runway were strong favourites as they promote speed and stunning skills. Other events such as Nightline caused an intimidating effect on people, involving the concept of wearing a blindfold.

Kingswood describes it as: “A sensory deprivation exercise in which pupils are blindfolded throughout the activity. Pupils navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes as a group, relying heavily on the trust and the support of each other, and communicating with each other verbally.'

We were blind folded and had to go through a series of obstacles- even if it was ducking, climbing or crawling.

We had to have trust in each other, and listen and communicate with each other to prevent ourselves getting muddy or hurt.

We had to follow a rope as our guide and also hold onto the arm of the person in front of us. One of the hardest obstacles there was crawling on our stomachs one by one through a narrow, muddy and small tunnel. By the end of our first activity, we were covered in mud and dirt.

Afterwards we headed over to the hall where we were a served delicious, scrumptious meal - the classic English fish and chips. All our friends who had worked up an appetite throughout the day of activities, told us that their hunger was satisfied by the food prepared by the wondrous cooking staff of Kingswood.

Apart from activities and hard work, children have had some very fun moments. Year 7 student, Ahshon, had this to say: “It was hilarious seeing some of my group slip on the wet and slippery ground.” Another trip survivor, Saif, quoted:” It was the best experience of my life. It was good to get away from all the work of school - for some time!”

One of the funniest moments  was when Olivia and Luana climbed the High Equilibrium.

Luana had climbed the pole first and was balancing herself on the see saw whilst Olivia was climbing the pole. Once they were both on there, the beam tipped over causing Olivia to fall off!

However, she steadily climbed back on the beam, using her harness and Luana’s help. ‘It felt as if I was flying in mid-air!’

Also, they had to do a dare on it- which was pushing each other off and dancing to YMCA. It was hilarious!

Mr Cooper, Head of Year 7, had this to say: “This time around, this group shone from all the others as they completed Jacobs’s Ladder twice!”

When Mrs Haslam, Vice-Principal, was asked what her best memory was she replied: “When children came up to receive their awards, I felt so proud to see so many students show the core values.”

Amazing, astounding and astonishing work from Year 7 there. Showing Ark Academy’s core values: Participation, Persistence, Excellence and Civitas. Hopefully, this tradition will be carried on as long as there is Ark Academy, and as long as there is Kingswood.

Thanks to all our Kingswood contributors - we're glad you all enjoyed yourselves!