A Message to Ark Students...from an Ark Student

Year 7 student Angel Egbuche wrote an inspiring and amazing speech to her fellow students. Her class were set homework to research speeches and great orators but she went one step further and wrote her own. We're sure you will agree it's beautiful and a fitting reminder of our ethos as we commence the new term.

A Message to Ark Students

I do not want to rule or direct anyone’s lives.

I want to help everyone if possible.

We all want to help each other Ark citizens are like that.

We want to live in happiness and not in misery.

We don’t want to hate and despise one another.

In this school there is room for everyone because this school can provide good riches for us.

This school is hard working and beautiful.

But we have lost it.

Greed has poisoned our mind and souls.

We have technology which controls us and stops us from achieving our goals.

We think too much

And feel too little.

We have more games and technology than we need in this humanity.

Too much cleverness

Not enough kindness and gentleness.

Without these qualities life would be

Violent and dangerous.

The teachers and their hard work

Have brought us together to work and succeed as a team.

We should be grateful

Because millions of people in this world don’t have this chance.

Would games get you a degree or job?

Don’t give yourself to technology games

With machine minds

And machine thoughts

Which tells you what to think and want to feel.

You are not machines

You are great students

And all of you are capable of many things.

Your hearts are not made from machines

They are made from love.

Only the unloved hate.

Students, don’t work for technology games

Work for your future.

In you, you have the power.

The power to create Civitas.

The power to create success.

You have the power to make this life a wonderful adventure.

So let us use that power and unite.

Let us fight for our future.

Let us give up our greed and hate

Because we will never have this opportunity again.