Year 1 showcase their favourite toys

Year 1 enjoyed a day with their favourite toys and practised their art skills at the same time, carefully drawing their cuddly (or in some cases not so cuddly!) friends.

Franoy, star of our cover photo, said: 'My dinosaur is my favourite because he roars! I have had him for 20 years. I haven’t given him a name yet because I can’t decide. I like dinosaurs like my friend does. Triceratops is my favourite but I like tigers too.'

Read on below for why these toys are the best of the bunch....

Nithumra and her teddy bear: 'The heart says I love you. My fave because the little bear is so cute. The mother’s tie is attached to the baby’s neck.

When I sleep at night sometimes it gets very soft. At night-time when I lift my teddy up my mum thinks it’s a real bear in the room!'



Tyler chose his minion because: 'He makes really funny noises!'

Fatima and her Snow White doll: 'She is my favourite because at night time her dress can light up.

Sometimes she eats breakfast with me. We have chocolate cereal!'














Yvonne: 'I brought a sheep called Barbie sheep. He is my friend and he is really cuddly.

He is a good friend cos he’s nice and kind. He likes to shake and jump around.'