Year 8 lifesaver Dieuveille is honoured at Police Commendation Ceremony

Hero of the hour Dieuveille was honoured with a commendation by the Metropolitan Police after she saved a man's life in Wembley.

Her proud Head of Year Miss Hickling tell us the amazing story: 

'This week I had one of the proudest moments of my career so far when I was able to accompany Dieuveille and her family to a Commendation Ceremony for Dieuveille. Dieuveille was being commended by the Metropolitan Police for doing something truly exceptional, she saved someone’s life! In March of this year, she rescued a man and simultaneously rang the police. She maintained her cool on the phone to the police giving them the perfect instructions so that they could arrive at the scene swiftly. She did all of this whilst surrounded by other young people (not from our school) who were doing nothing.'

The presenter of the award was so impressed with her, he suggested Dieuveille should join the police as she had shown such a cool head in a crisis! He said: 'She showed courage and bravery under pressure.'

Dieuveille was not just the only 12 year old to receive the Commendation from the police on Wednesday, she was the only non-police officer! (This is apparently something that happens less than once a year!)

Dieuveille getting a bit of careers advice from one of the other recipients (see below), who is a 999 phone operator, a job that Dieuveille now aspires to do when she's older.

Dieuveille with all of the other worthy recipients

Congratulations on your well-deserved commendation and for your extremely Civitas response to the situation.