Artists of the Future display their amazing body of work

Year 11 artists showcased their immense talent at their GCSE Art and DT exhibition….and stunning doesn’t do it justice.

The students' best projects from the past two years were on display, in a riot of colour and texture that ensured parents, teachers and visitors were blown away by the standard of work, calling it 'unbelievable'.There were also several interested parties who wanted a piece to hang in their home!

We spoke to the students about their favourite pieces, the challenges of the past year and how it feels to see their body of work displayed….

Clement said: 'I have put quite a lot of effort and time in, with late nights and early mornings, I’m passionate about Art so if you love something, show your passion for the subject.

I just stay up and do whatever it takes to show my love for the subject.

The last project ‘Apart and or Together', I was really able to express myself and give my opinion on society and animal rights.'

What is your final piece?

‘There is a piece of meat and in the background there’s a girl with a fork in her head. So the meat is making the shadow of the girl showing that they’re the same thing.


This isn’t shown in society, so in my final piece I wanted to show that point in a revolting way to make society learn that animal cruelty is not right.

In the background you can feel the pain because the girl has a fork in her head; I want society to see and feel that same pain that we give to animals.

Use animals for companionship; we don’t treat humans in an inhumane way so let’s not treat animals like that.’

Ashley: My final piece is my mum and my little sister; I chose my mum and my sister to do this because in my gallery visit there was a lot of topics and there are a lot of pieces about family.

I used a few other artists as well to add some different aspects to the work like the flowers and the butterflies.

I did that because it gives them a halo effect, that was also one of the pieces that I saw in a gallery; it was a mother and a child the Hail Mary, the Madonna and Child, so that really inspired my final piece.

Together & Apart: 'It’s together because the child is product of their mother but they are two separate people and will lead two separate lives.

I’ve been doing Art all my life literally, I have so many books from my childhood. I think although it’s a lot of work it’s something that calms me – usually most people look at it as a pastime but it something that I’m really passionate about

What do your Mum and sister think of their likeness?

My little sister was really excited when she saw it; my mum complained a little bit she was like, ‘You made me look so old!’ but she really liked it.

Aysha told us how the past year in Art had been:

'It was difficult but I think cos it’s quite stressful getting everything together as it’s something you have to be organised with and none of us saw it coming. We all thought ‘Oh, we’re just going to paint and draw pictures and stuff’ but it’s not really like that. So it was difficult but at the same time it was actually really fun and I don’t regret picking Art even though some days I do!'

Sally gave us her reaction to seeing all her work laid out so beautifully:

'It’s quite cool, it makes me feel old! Even before now working through all the sketchbooks I could see a real difference with all my ideas and how I put my ideas together and presented them. There was such a difference from Year 10 to my final piece.'

Graphics and DT:

Anithya: 'Graphics has made me assert my future ambitions that I want to go into advertising. I’m not sure whether I want to do the designing aspect or marketing aspect but I definitely want to be in that industry.'

Favourite project she has done in Graphics:

'Designing my whole board because I chose History as a theme and History is not one of my fave subjects so I don’t know why I chose it but when I started the board and started to research facts about previous world leaders and cultural figures like Marilyn Monroe it became a fun task to do.'

Final theme of board: It’s called Ghosts of the Past, so you have fact cards about people like Winston Churchhill and then you read the fact card and answer a question by rolling the dice. It’s an educational and fun game.

We caught up with a very proud Miss Patel, Head of Art, who told us her feelings about the students’ body of work and progression of the last 5 years:

'I know it sounds clichéd because it’s 2 years worth of progress but some of those students pulled out all the stops and showed skill where I felt I’d seen it in Year 9 but hadn’t seen it demonstrated mid-way through Year 10 because they’d lost focus.

But they brought that back and their final pieces are a true reflection of what their capabilities are.

Above: Visitors admire the Resistant Materials sculptures

She continued: 'It’s the conceptual thinking, the thinking outside the box, where you think about 'Together and Apart' Aysha’s thought about segregation, not just at a race level, but also thought about women and men and their comparatives. She was looking at the rights of those people and signage and how that impacts us everyday in our subconscious.  As a teacher to be able to facilitate that thinking and stretch them in that way, to challenge and question, that’s what I do my job for every day.'

All the students agree on one thing....

Clement: 'Art is the best department in the whole school! We get on so well. Everything about them, they’re great teachers, great character and personality, they’re always there for you.'

Congratulations to all the artists and technicians on their hard work and excellent projects.