Founder students make us incredibly proud with excellent GCSE results

Thursday 20 August 2015

We are thrilled to announce that Ark Academy’s founding cohort of students received excellent results across the board and as a Mathematics specialist school we were delighted to attain 88% A*-C in the subject with a massive 60% of Year 11 gaining A*-B and 36% A*-A grades.

The top performing 31 students also took Additional Maths and obtained an excellent 94% pass rate, with a third of students achieving the top grade. Overall 64% of students attained A*-C in five subjects including English and Maths.

Triple science results were also very strong, with 100% earning A-C grades, and almost half of students achieving A*- A grades. In the humanities, 80% of geography students received A*-C, and 70% A*-B. For French 100% and for Spanish 91% of students earned A*-C.

Principal Delia Smith said:

“I’m really proud of the hard work put in by our founder students and staff who all poured their hearts and souls into building Ark Academy and have now achieved fantastic results.  We are now looking forward to creating an outstanding Sixth Form.”

Head of Maths Emi Ozeke echoed this sentiment:

“I am pleased that the persistence of the students and the years of dedication from our staff has paid off and I’m extremely proud of all of them. As a department, we were very pleased to have surpassed our aspirational Maths target of 85% A*- C grades.”

Star Students

Jai Stewart attained 10 A*s, and 2 A grades including one A in additional maths and completed an exceptional Maths paper, for which he gained a score of 99%.

Jai was fully involved in every aspect of school life; from debating to science competitions, performing on London stages to representing his form in student council, Jai has taken on all these challenges with a contagious enthusiasm.  After receiving an A* for every Science subject he is now looking forward to taking his A levels at Ark Academy’s brand new Sixth Form, with a view to studying medicine.

He explained: “I hadn’t thought about my results over the summer break, because I thought I’d just worry. When I read them this morning… you can’t really describe the feeling. I want to be a doctor, and I’m going to do my A-levels here at Ark Academy. I haven’t applied anywhere else. I love this school and I love the teachers. They don’t spoonfeed you anything- which I hate. They allow you to figure out things on their own. You know they care  about you. My aim someday is Cambridge. I want to be a doctor.”

High achiever Ciara Barrett achieved an impressive total of 4A*s and 7As, a direct outcome of her desire to strive for perfection.

She always examines her work for areas to improve and pours over her teacher marked books and homework looking to turn her mistakes into a positive learning opportunity. This is a quality that contributes to her excellent musicianship. In addition to gaining an A in this subject she is currently working towards a grade 6 piano. Ciara is a keen member of our orchestra and also accompanies the choir in many performances. Her dedication to the subject has resulted in her participation at gala performances in the Barbican and being awarded Ark musician of the year. 

She told us of her relief: “I did really well. There wasn’t any secret - it was just hard work. I’m really happy it’s over- for now, until A-levels!”

Clement Owusu

Clement earned 5A*s, 4As and 2Bs, scores that are all the more impressive considering he only joined Ark Academy in Year 8, coming to us from Italy and having very little English. It was clear that Clement was not going to let a language barrier defeat him and dedicated himself to learning English as he knew this was the key to success in all of his subjects. 

Clement has also developed a love of languages. He earned A*s in three modern languages; French, Italian and Spanish. He also attained A grades in English literature and language, opening the doors to follow his dream of working internationally.  Clement’s sense of responsibility is such that, even after completing his GCSE examinations, he has continued to work with the school’s Art department to help develop the artistic skills of his younger peers. 

He wasnt expecting to be quite as successful: “I was surprised I did so well. I just moved here from Italy four years ago, and I didn’t speak any English when I arrived. I got 5A*s, 4 As and 2Bs.

I feel the school supported me so much- the standard of teaching was so high. Right now I’m shaking from all the emotions. I know my mum will be proud of me.

I want to get to Oxford and getting these results have motivated me to do even better in sixth form. I feel like I can do it now.”


Kassia Tavares Marques Monteiro

Kassia attained 2A*s, 7 As and 1B, and has always strived for excellence.

She will put aside time every day to ensure she speaks to her teachers and find out what she can be doing to improve her work.  As a result, Kassia has developed into a fully rounded student, achieving success in all of her GCSE subjects including As and A*s in English Lit and Lang, maths, biology, physics, history, drama, RE and Spanish. 

From a young age Kassia has wanted to pursue the dream of becoming an actress.  She has taken part in performances every year at Ark Academy and been a very key member of the School Shakespeare festival gaining personal praise from one of the festival directors for her outstanding performance as Hermione in A Winter’s Tale.

Her sheer relief was palpable as she told us: “I did better than I expected - with a lot more As. I was kind of in shock – I saw all these As and my mind went blank, and I started to laugh. My dad said he was really proud of me, especially for my maths results. It meant a lot to me as he was the one working on maths with me.”

A heartfelt congratulations to all of our students - and of course our wonderful staff - for all of your hard work over the past five years and especially this last year.

Your success is the ultimate reward for your tireless efforts - we couldn't be more proud!