Grenada Day September 18th - Come and support the Jason Roberts Foundation!

 This Friday we're holding Grenada Day to raise money for the Jason Roberts Foundation and the work they do to help promote PE in Grenadian schools. We would love it if you would support this worthy cause.

Mr Edmondson tells us more below.....

What is the Jason Roberts Foundation?

JRF are a charitable foundation set up by ex-professional footballer Jason Roberts, who comes from Stonebridge. The foundation focuses on social mobility projects within Stonebridge, and Brent,        providing a myriad of free sports participation events throughout school holidays, and also train young people from Stonebridge vocational qualifications and life skills.

At Ark, they provide coaches to lead SEN sports enrichments, and numerous other opportunities for our students, including golf trips and sporting fixtures. Last year, JRF worked directly with 38 students here, including 12 SEN, 10 EAL, and fifteen pupil premium.

Needless to say, the impact they had on our participation levels were incredible – Amos, Zaine, Yash, Nasir and Keyon all attended religiously and immensely enjoyed their sessions.

So why are we holding a “Grenada Day”?

Jason and his family are Grenadian. Fifty percent of JRF’s charity work takes place in Grenada, the country that Jason played international football for, alongside his uncle, Otis Roberts. In Grenada, their big focus is upon inclusion of children with SEN in mainstream education, as well as upskilling PE teachers across the three islands.

During October half term, myself and Miss Cullen will be travelling to Grenada on what’s being billed as “Trip Zero” to assess the status of physical education and special needs education across Grenada, and put in place an action plan to help the development of the education system there. Future trips will take a step by step approach that we hope will benefit both the SEN students in Grenada, and the mainstream students in physical education in general.

Tell me more about Grenada…

With a population of 109,000, Grenada is made up of three islands. Their GDP is generated through tourism and nutmeg exporting. In 2004 and 2005, hurricanes destroyed 90% of the infrastructure on the islands. Although the Caribbean in general is portrayed as the Carnival Isles, it is a very much a region of LEDC’s.

There is universal primary education in Grenada, but completion of secondary school is much lower. The health epidemic we are looking to challenge in Grenada is: 57.7% of Grenadians are overweight or obese. 13% have diabetes. The epidemiological message for our trip is clear: Get Them Participating!


How do we plan on doing this?

The Grenadian Ministry for Education have invited us to make this trip on the recommendation of JRF; we will be meeting both the Prime Minister and Minister for Education to gain an understanding of the needs of the student population. Whilst visiting the primary, secondary and SEN schools, we will be delivering insets on PE and SEN inclusive practises.

We will be wrapping the trip up with a symposium on our findings to the Minister for Education and all the teachers from across the islands, with recommendations for further training and focus areas.

Currently, JRF are expanding their delivery of high quality PE – so we are going above that level to teach the teachers, so they can be self-sufficient in their tutoring moving forwards.

So how much do we need to raise?

£3,000. The majority of the fundraising will take place with the students. This Friday 18th September, we are holding a non-uniform day, break and lunch time bake sale, and a Grenadian disco after school.

The second major fundraiser will be an Ark Staff versus Jason Roberts Legends team on Friday 2nd October, with various VIPs being confirmed day to day. There will be an opportunity for the students to spectate – and we hope to get a big crowd to cheer us on!