It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life....for Year 7

Year 7 bounded through the gates for the first day of their bright futures with us and displayed the mixture of nerves and excitement we have come to expect from our newest learners.

It is a particularly special year, as not only was it the start of a brand new 5 year cycle, but 2015 marks the first year that students from Ark Primary have moved up into secondary.

They certainly enjoyed their Induction Week but for some the reality of Ark Academy was very different to how they pictured it!

Errice said: ‘I thought it was going to be like High School Musical like I saw on the tv but it’s actually more than what I expected.  Me and my friend got to know everyone better, and we’re in the same groups every single day. It’s a really good school.’

Kaine said: 'I thought I might not enjoy it in case some children aren’t friendly but I’ve learnt that you can’t just judge something by the way it looks and I’ve actually liked the school. I’ve enjoyed the sports and PE and the lessons we’ve had all week.'

Molly realised she was practically a grown up: 'It’s bigger here and you have more responsibility, your phone and your planner and your pencil case - you have to look after them!'

One of the many encouraging things we have noticed about this group is that they haven’t wasted any time in setting their goals, and setting them high:

Noreen: 'I’m interested in Maths so I want to get really high Maths levels and Science is more my weakest subject so I want to try and get better at it.'



Ruth: 'I’m trying to get better at Science too – the levels I got for the rest of the subjects are really good, and my Science level was good too but I want to make sure that I still sustain that level or even more than that level.'

Although GCSEs may seem an eternity away, when asked what they feel their biggest challenge will be this year, many students referenced their final exams, and spoke touchingly of their families;

Ruth: 'I’m really trying to make my Mum and Dad and whole family happy because when my Dad checked the website he saw the GCSE levels and said he was expecting a lot from me! I’d like to congratulate those people as well who got really good results. He said I have to go for every single club and participate in everything too.'

Errice: 'You have to keep on pushing yourself to get those certain levels you want. When I heard about the GCSEs, I saw it in the newspaper, my Mum started telling me about it and I was really nervous but I know if I study hard and the teachers support me then I think I’ll be able to do it.'

It is more than just the academics that count and, as ever, we place strong importance on our core values. By the sounds of it, they agree!

Errice believes: ‘They are VERY good - all of the core values apply in our everyday lives and you can use Civitas in public, in school and to be respectful. You can use participation to answer questions in class or take part in school activities and persistence if you want to do a good piece of homework. Excellence is everything all of the time!’

Kaine: 'The core values are probably the most important thing in the whole school because if you follow them they will guide you to do good things.'

The students enjoyed a variety of sessions to introduce them to the school and the library:

Daniella said: ‘It’s been really fun, we have done Art and DT. In Art you had pictures and we had to cut them out and make a zombie or anything you wanted. For DT we drew a poster about the pledge.’

When asked what they were most looking forward to the list was endless:

Super Civitas Noreen said: ‘I want to be a Form class prefect, House prefect…and do all the House competitions.'

Young athlete Kaine was equally as enthusiastic: 'Sports and friends! Dodgeball, football because I’m hoping to get in the team, any sport as long as it’s not fencing! I played fencing once and I hurt my arm and it gave me a rash on my hand!'

Don’t worry Kaine we’ll make sure you don’t hurt yourself :)

Special Mentions: Congratulations to Teonne Sifflet (7 Pankhurst) (pictured below with Principal Mrs Smith) for winning the Best Handwriting contest.


We wish our new Year 7 every success during their time with us, we know they will settle in beautifully alongside their older peers and take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way.