Baking & Back Breaking Rugby throws on Grenada Day

 Grenada Day proved to be a great success the ever popular bake sale bringing in both a huge crowd of students...and a good amount of donations!
The Rugby challenge, where the aim of the game was to hit a target spot for a certain number of points, had the students queuing up to throw their full weight behind the ball - some of them certainly have a killer instinct and a rocket for an arm so watch this space with American Football starting on Friday!

Below: Trays of Glory as more biscuits are brought out

Above: The hordes are out in force for the sugar snack treats!

Below: Arms like Mr Scott's are a pretty big goal but the flapjacks might help a little....

  Below: This boy is going for gold here - check out the power!

Mr Edmondson said: 'It was a great day and everyone had a lot of fun! Miss Cullen and I would like to thank all the amazing students and Sixth Formers who helped us raise money for the Jason Roberts Foundation and our upcoming trip to Grenada.'

The next event promises to be lively and entertaining, a clash of the titans as Ark Staff take on JRF Legends in a football match here at Ark on Friday 2nd October - hope to see you cheering us on!