Primary have a gloriumptious time on Roald Dahl Day

Primary celebrated the literary works of one of the best authors ever to hold a pen during a colourful Roald Dahl Day. The students paid homage to the fantastical worlds Dahl created, by dressing up as his most loved and memorable characters. 

We spoke to three students from Archimedes class who told us what the writer means to them...

Sophia: "I was an Oompa Loompa, I had a green wig and blue and white wellington boots. I like the James and the Giant Peach story best. I’ve been to the Roald Dahl museum in Watford - it's so good there!

Yusef: 'I dressed up as an Oompa Loompa as well – I sprayed my hair green. I wish I could wear it green everyday! I like The Enormous Crocodile best because the crocodile tries to eat some people but at the end of the story the elephant puts him in his trunk and the crocodile gets burnt in the sun!

Zacharia: 'I chose to be Willy Wonka because I thought his costume was fancy and would look good. I have the whole collection of Roald Dahl books. My favourite book is The Witches because I thought it was good that the witches turned the boy into a mouse but he wasn’t really a mouse so he could talk and run faster than other mice.'

  Why is Roald Dahl such a good author?

 Sophia: I like him because he has a good imagination and he plays around with words.

 Zacharia: Like ‘human beans’ in the BFG, he means human beings!

 Yusef: The Twits was good because they get stuck on the ceiling.

Years 1-6 also watched clips of the authors stories being narrated and learned about his fascinating life and the inspiration behind some of his novels, as well as taking part in an assembly where they were shown the importance of reading.

Zacharia: 'In assembly the teachers talked about different books and a golden ticket competition where we put tickets in the box and 10 people get picked and they get a Roald Dahl book. Girelle got picked from our class and won ‘The Witches.'

Librarian Miss Smyth said: 'We brought the students lots of new home reading books. There was a gasp in the audience when we said they would be available from next week -  they were all so excited!

We did a little presentation on why reading is fun – using the character of Matilda, the Magic of Reading, and showed which books we’d recommend and how we take care of our books.'

Miss Lomax thoroughly enjoyed the day: ‘It was great fun – all of the teachers dressed up too and it was just a really happy place to be!

I was the golden ticket – I made it myself from a cardboard box covered in backing paper and painted and I had a gold face.

I saw some good Willy Wonkas, some great Matildas in their little blue dresses and their headbands, so they were very cute.’

Mr Watkins agreed: ‘I thought it was really successful, the children really loved it, it focussed everyone on a really quality author as opposed to several different ones, like on World Book Day, and it was really fun.’