Year 6 discover fitness is fun with Fit 4 Sports

This week, Year 6 went to Vale Farm for a day of fun lead by Fit 4 Sports and Everyone Active. They participated in a range of activities such as cycling, rugby, sprinting, parachute games and other athletic sports. It was great to see the students who don't usually participate in sport getting involved and having an amazing time!

There were a lot of very satisfied customers as you can see from the comments below...

Tristan: 'The best part of the day was the bikes. The two seater bike was cool.'

Stilian: 'It was fun to have a sports day with year 6 and we don't usually get to spend time being so active together.'

Hrithika: 'I liked the cycling because it was really fun even though some were hard to balance on!'

Shaunella: 'My favourite thing was the rugby tag!'

Above: Parachute games never get old!

Below: The next generation of Rugby World Cup players......

 Below: A Bolt of inspiration on the podium


Check out all the fun activities from the day in the gallery below!