Sixth Form Open Evening - we can't wait to meet you!

 Our Sixth Form Open Evening is this Thursday 5th November from 5.30 - 8.00pm and we are looking forward to showcasing all that we have to offer for, not only your further education needs, but your future life needs as well.

 If you are 15 or 16, or the parent of a student who is currently in Year 11 we welcome you to the academy and ask do you want to.....

 -  Join an excellent academic Sixth Form?

 -  Experience all the extra curricular benefits of our Sixth Form including the Extended Project Qualification, Duke of Edinburgh and university scholarships?

 -  Enjoy learning subjects you are passionate about, in lessons taught by dedicated teachers?

 -  Study in a friendly community of like-minded peers?

 -  Equip yourself with important life skills and become a well-rounded individual?

 -  Attend a top university?

We hope your answer is a resounding YES to all of the above and we are excited to meet you at Open Evening!

The subjects at AS level we will be offering for the academic year 2016 - 17 are below; please read on for what activities each subject will be doing on Open Evening:

In the Library:

  • Library and Study Skills, introducing new fiction and Senior Student Librarians
  • How Sixth Formers have been involved in events, Sixth Form book clubs and other clubs in the Library



  • Heart dissections
  • Rat dissections
  • Looking at Daphnia (water fleas) under microscopes
  • Extracting DNA from strawberries
  • Looking at how potatoes and chickens are similar



  • We will be carrying out several practicals from well-known favourites like acid-base titrations to the lovely “silver mirror” experiment, as well as the famous “screaming jelly baby”… You don’t know what that is? Come along and find out for yourself!
  • We are also talking about why Chemistry can open so many career paths for you.

Drama and Theatre Studies


English Literature

  • We will be re-enacting a scene from Othello with 'What if?' prompts such as 'What if Othello was a woman?'
  • Looking at 'texts' and discussing social media shortening classical texts
  • Lots of other interesting activities!

Extended Project Qualification


  • We will be holding a conversation class with our Foreign Language Assistants

Further Maths


  • We have two current Y12 students explaining what they are learning in geography and why they love the subject.
  • There will be some laptops for visiting students to learn about how we use GIS in analysing population statistics.

Government and Politics

  • Displays containing Politics fertile questions
  • Lots of politics books for students to look at and see what they will be learning about
  • Pictures of our off-spec trips for this half term and those yet to come
  • Opportunities to speak to the tutor and AS students


  • Discussing the topics covered at AS and A Level: the Russian revolution and Stuart England
  • Our Year 12s will be interacting with student visitors and discussing what they are doing. This will include a presentation about the Auschwitz trip they recently attended.
  • We will be displaying posters and resources that cover historical content and AS history pathways and discussing what they can do with a History AS/A level


  • The maths department will be providing prospective students with an insight into what they can expect when studying A Level Maths and A Level Further Maths by providing students with the opportunity to experience a mini A Level lessons on optimisation of a coke can and a mini Further Maths lesson on giant ants and dimensional analysis.
  • Students will also have the chance to see the work produced by our Year 12 students, to explore the AS and A Level Maths and Further Maths curriculum and the opportunity to speak to both our current A Level Maths and A Level Further Maths students and staff.




Philosophy and Ethics


  • We will be showing the practical work that students complete in Physics. The text books the students will be covering are available to browse.
  • Visiting students will be able to join in the practical or try and do it themselves.
  • You can speak with Mr Dineen, Mr Naga and a sixth form student about what the course is like
  • On display will be the structure of the course and A-level physics images explaining the kinds of things you'll be learning

Product Design




  • We will be holding a conversation class with our Foreign Language Assistants