House Art Competition 2015 - diversity rules the day as students get creative

We can honestly say that the students surpassed themselves with this year's entries for the House Art Competition on the theme of Diversity. All four pieces were exceptional and although simple in approach, were flawlessly executed.

Newton's intricate tube map of the world's countries placed 1st, Curie's elaborate coat of arms was 2nd, with Plato's vibrant Tree of Diversity coming in third and Socrates' cutural fingerprint was 4th.

Proud Head of Plato, Miss Addison, said of her team's entry:

‘It’s definitely the best piece we have ever put together, I’m really happy and really pleased with the contributions from staff and students that are on the Tree of Diversity – they are personal and lovely. I’m pleased with the way it was constructed and how it visually looks. I felt that between the top two or three Houses it was very tough to choose a winner.'

She added: 'I really love Newton's piece it is simple but creative and lovely at the same time.'

What made you choose the tree of diversity when presented with your brief?

'I led the idea, it’s really challenging each year to come up with original and innovative around similar concepts, particularly after 6 years of the competition, and the tree came up during my research for the project. I really liked the idea of the hands as it relates to people and they design it, so it’s a part of them and they’re placing their own stamp of identity on the tree, which is great.'

Which student(s) in particular impressed you with their talents?

'Clement in Year 12 was a standout for me, some of the hands he contributed were amazing as well as his calligraphy on the piece. The support he gave me and the suggestions he provided for us, tweaking our entry here and there, were much appreciated.'

Congratulations to Newton on a well deserved win and thank you to all students and staff who took part and created such stunning and meaningful works.

Please view Curie and Socrates' pieces in the gallery below.