Miss McHaffie's Photo Auction raises money to rebuild schools in Nepal

Following Miss McHaffie's visit to Nepal over the summer holidays, where she taught children the art of print making with supplies provided by Ark Academy, she decided to put on an auction of her photographs from the trip.

The photographs were showcased alongside the prints created by the children, to raise funds for the NERF charity (Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund) which aims to rebuild schools in the region. 

The evening was a great success with 26 of the 30 prints by the Nepalese children being sold on the night, while the remaining 4 sold privately.

Impressively, the prints went for between £50 and £60 after being put on the market for a reserve price of £40. One generous gentleman paid £200 for one print however, a portrait by one of the children. Miss McHaffie sold 3 of her photographs, black and white images of the Nepalese children and of the print lesson itself.

She said: 'It was a full house and we were really ecstatic about the turn out. The final total was £1752 for the NERF charity which was incredible because our target was £1000 so it is such a wonderful surprise.

All the people who came were also generous with their change and the donation buckets saw a lot of action!'

In addition to the auction, a film produced by David Morrall, one of the NERF trustees, was screened during the evening. It documents the art lesson and charts the treacherous journey undertaken to get to the destroyed villages that are currently undergoing regeneration.

He explained: ‘We are extremely proud and grateful to be able to display the childrens work, raise funds and feed those funds back into the communities we’ve been working with.  

The continued support from Ark Academy Wembley and Haley’s excellent photography are helping keep the public aware of the challenges facing Nepal’s rural and poorest communities.‘

The evening's fundraising will go towards the village of Gaatti where Haley taught. The villages have now added a library to their plans for restoration as the children have no access to schooling and must travel a long way over dangerous terrain to reach their nearest school. It is hoped the library will prove a safe base for the village kids to receive an education.

The NERF team will be going to back to the villages this Friday to discuss and oversee where the funds can be best utilised; with all the money put towards educational pursuits and supplies.

Miss Mchaffie would like to thank those that attended Nolia’s gallery in Southwark to support the first fundraiser for NERF. You can find further information about the work they are doing in the region and make a donation here: www.nerfinternational.org.