Future pilots flying high after inspiring careers show

Aspiring pilots Amin Moafi and Ammar Al-Kahachi attended a careers talk with a view to turning their interest in flying into a full-time occupation. Read their reports below to find out why they came away with some interesting food for thought....

Amin's Story

'On November 7th 2015 at Sofitel Hotel Terminal 5, London Heathrow, Europe’s largest independent training exhibition took place. It was during this event I initiated my first step to my pilot training journey.

On that day, I realised training to become a pilot is a unique learning experience, which is character-building, complex, and challenging. The training demands high levels of self-discipline and determination, across a variety of physiological and practical skill-sets. But success will reward those who meet the required high standards, with a well-respected, exciting and fulfilling career.

When I entered the main hall of the luxury Sofitel hotel, I was amazed by the beautiful architecture of the place. Once guided to the exhibition, there were a series of stands occupied by pilot training organizations that advertised not only their firm, but also gave information and advice on how to take the first step of your journey in the aviation industry.

You do not need to be an expert on pilot training to attend. The exhibition will equip you with enough knowledge about the pilot training process, ensuring you get the best possible independent advice at the start of your career. I went from having no knowledge to using and understanding advanced aviation terminologies such as RT, ATC and the phonetic alphabet.

If you would like to become an airline or military pilot in addition to commercial helicopter flying opportunities or for anyone with general interests in the aviation industry this is a “must attend” event.

In conclusion, my journey of a thousand steps began with this very first step.'

Ammar's Story

'It’s the dream of my life to become a pilot and that day made it feel real and within my reach. I was told about the event by my school who knew about my future aspiration and knew this would be helpful to me and my future career.

The event had many pilots and many airline workers that explained clearly what I had to do and when and how to accomplish this.

I also met many large academies such as CTC Aviation Academy and CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. The information I received was crucial and very important.

During the event I asked many questions on what I had to do and the pilots gave many helpful answers.

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to meet people who experienced and have seen what it takes to achieve your dream.

There is nothing better than going home and feeling very confident about the journey that we make and what is pushing us to our destination.'

We couldn't agree more Ammar! For more information about a career in the aviation industry and a pilot newlestter go to http://bit.ly/1MzaRXq